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Welcome to Koji's Finding Nemo Fan Art Mini-Shrine!!!

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Welcome to my little fan art section decicated to Pixar's ingenious masterpiece, Finding Nemo!
I've met various people at the FN Board and decided to to gather this small fanart gallery to show our dedication to FN. ^.~   ~Koji

Last Updated: 11/17/03

The (*) indicate included fan(fic) characters. Please leave these fanarts on this site and enjoy!

Finding Nemo Fan Art Gallery
Would anyone have enough guts to confess?*
Older sisters....*sigh*
Forced Marriage
Who do you like more, Marlin?*
Dory kissing Marlin
Since when does Gurgle have a family?!*
Gill and female Moorish Idol, Marie*
Finding Nemo Cast to Zimmy's Anniversary!
Nemo has a baby sister?!*
Debbubbles' children?!*
The FN casts getting married?!
Dory hugging Marlin
Bubbles and Deb cuddling
Many Links, One Rollover
Smiling Nemo
Nemo and Gill
Nemo has another sister?!*
"Why does it feel so right?"
'No Longer I Want to Forget'
Father and Son ^__^

Finding Nemo Special Fan Art Gallery
Marlin and Dory dancin'
Finding Nemo Cast as humans.*
Marlin and Dory back to back.
Sweet lil' Squirt
"You got a problem, pal? Do ya? Do ya? DO YA?"
Chum and Anchor
Meet Bruce
The Tank Gang chillin'
Cheerful Dory and charming Marling
Kawaii Nemo-chan

Comics and Doujinshi


Self-explanatory. ^^ I went along with Sa's design.

My retry on Dory, Marlin, Coral, Nemo, (Mia
* & Summer*). Thanks to Sa!

Fnding Nemo Links
*Niro wo Motomete - Sa-chan's personal site! Has FN special fan arts, fanfics, and more!!
*Zimmy's site - (temporarily unavailable) Exclusively for the FN Board Members for more info!
*Fan Website -
Characters, gallery, concept arts...etc

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