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Credits & Thanks

I wanna thank a handfull of people, for their inspiration upon the creation of this website. If it hadn't been for them, this site would've been a junk yard!
Jes--for her great fan fics and as a friend
Robin--ditto, btw, where ARE you?! ^^
N64chick-for her niffty ideas and cool sprite comics
Cygnus F. Celeris's--his motivation AND For making the frames for this site! I Couldn't have done it without the great help! ^_^
Patty--for being my first fan, I haven't heard anything from you lately...
Kevin--as my brother and teaching me HTML. Yeah and now he's wandering off somewhere...
And everybody else--you can hit me for forgetting you. ^^ Ack! I'm sorry!
Where did I get the stuff?  I made the frame pictures myself, please leave them at this site. I'm sure you will come up with another creative picture for yourself ^^

This web site has no affiliation or partnership with any official association. All contents displayed on this web site are just merely fan contributions and/or belong to their respective owners/creators. The fanarts and doodles are drawn/design by me, Koji (otherwised noted) If you would like to use something, all I ask is that you give credit. ^_^