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Luigi's Mansion;
Tale of the Haunted Residence
By Koji aka Tina

Song: Biohazard--Sunctuary

Declaimer: know the rest. I don't own Luigi, the Boos, Mario,
and etc. They all go to Nintendo. This is just another shot of my writing.

Author's Note: I'm gonna modify the story from Luigi's Mansion. So don't be surprised if it doesn't correspond to the game. But, I am gonna use some parts that they did not had in the official release. ^_~  Enjoy!



Chapter 1:  Luigi Claims His Grant Price


It was a pretty warm day, considering the fact that it was about late October. The blended

colors of comfort and joy were kissing the tress goodbye until the time of rebirth would

take its course. Their unified beauty flowed within the crisp wind of the coming winter as

they touched every roof in the Mushroom Kingdom. It was chilly outside, yet it didn't

keep him from staying home. It was never known, that this decision he had just made,

was about to challenge his life that he will never forget.


" This is great! I would've never though of ever being so lucky! " The tall plumber in

green, also known as the eternal undercover Luigi, was walking down the path that would

lead him to his new home. He and his older brother Mario, who was in deed, the very

well known hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, live together in a reasonable house. Though

most of the time, he found himself left behind when Mario was called upon saving the

kingdom from its eternal enemy, King Bower Koopa. Before he left his current residence,

Luigi informed Mario about the incredible news in the mail.


*~*~*~ couple hours ago~*~*~*


" Mario? This is Luigi. Guess what! I've won myself a real mansion! Isn't it neat? "

breathed Luigi against the phone, as he excitedly paced around the house. " Anyway, I'd

like to go check it out. So, would you mind joining me? "


" You sound very happy, little brother, " chuckled Mario on the other end in the

plumber's office.


" Of course I do! Well, wouldn't you be, if you opened your mailbox and found out that

you won something really, " he thought for a moment, " unusual? "


" Maybe Waluigi's pulling you leg again. Like last time when you were granted a special

flower that turned out to be a piranha plant. " The image of the vicious plant popping out

of the wrapped box appeared in his mind. " Ha! You should've seen your face! It was

priceless! " Mario acted out Luigi's gapping expression and was now head over banging

on the desk, laughing like a maniac, while Luigi slightly turned red of embarrassment.


" Hahaha.....very funny, " commented  Luigi sarcastically. " How was I supposed to

know?! You didn't notice it either! " He was still laughing and Luigi gave in and joined

him at the joke.


" If you're wondering about where the place is, it's supposed to be near Forever Forest."

There was a pause and this bothered Luigi a little. " Mario? "


" How'd you get the mansion anyway? "


" Oh, a contest, " replied Luigi with ease. " Listen, let's talk about it later. I've got the

soup boiling over here! I'll see you at the mansion! Bye! " *Hangs up!*




People around Toad Town told numerous stories about the purple jungle of eternity. The

trees of at this spot grew very close to each other. And because the leaves were so thick,

nameless and unknown species housed this habitat, who loved the darkness and night air.

Regardless of how sunny or hot the day would be, Forever Forest was the home of

sovereign silence. It was the perfect place for the dead to scare the life out of victims.

Though some get lucky, most people that would enter this forest would easily get lost and

this is exactly what happened to our hero of this tale.


" Hooot--hoot-hoot. " echoed the feathered night, along with the rustling of deceased

leaves, that ripped apart from the smiling trees.


The glance of light reluctantly died away with every step he took, as the younger brother

walked deeper and deeper into the forest. Without the presence of another person, Luigi

became aware of the uncomfortable pressure of his complaining heart. " I

have this feeling, that someone or something is watching me? " He stopped for a moment

and looked around. All he could see were black trees whose greedy fingers were waving

against some of the dense bushes.


" Man! This place needs light and some serious cutting! I can barely see my hand! " He

brought up his glove, and despite the white coloring, it was still too dark to see! A hoarse

yell shot across the sky, which caused Luigi to clutch his emerald green hat.


" I.....I don't like this forest! Maybe, ....I should've gone with Mario," whimpered Luigi.


" Nah, I'll be fine. I...hope. It wouldn't surprise me if Mario got lost too. I can do this!

Even if my compass doesn't work! " urged the plumber to himself, as his body continued

down the path. However something was strange. The compass was spinning like crazy

and thus it was unable to point its location. It was as if the forest itself, forbid the use of



Luigi pulled out a map and placed his finger on an area that was defined as Forever

Forest. There was a path leading out just beyond a barrier of thorns. " If  I am not

mistaken, this will lead me up to the mansion. All right! I can finally-" *KNACK*


Suddenly a cracking noise vibrated the lone air behind him. "What? " He spun around

and just as quickly as it came, it faded away. He shifted his head to the right and to the

left like he was searching for something in the greenery. A weary feeling overcame him

and he fastened his pace on a dirty trail. Again, the rustling returned and it grew louder

with each second passing by. Luigi made no doubt and command his shoes to make a run.

He was right! Something appeared out from the dark! By the heavy hammering it gave to

the ground and the filled breathing, Luigi could imagine the creature that was eying him.

Powerful claws and razor sharp teeth that were stained with the blood of its last prey.

Who knows when it had its last meal? It surely would be overjoyed to put its grip on a

nice Italian plumber. It roared the vision of a nightmare in attempt to frighten the young



Luigi didn't dare to scream, not because he would look like a "fraity cat", but because of

not wishing to attract more attention from other unwanted company.


If he hadn't glued his eyes, he would've realized that he was dashing right into a barrier

full of thorns. " Ah!!! Oh no! " screamed  Luigi as he crossed his arms to protect his face

and jumped against the pile of green needles. His body popped out of the forest and

tumbled over onto the cold ground. 


He immediately pushed himself up and expected the beast to break through the thorns.

Strangely enough, it didn't! The yell was gone, the noise, the image, it all disappeared!

His hand reached up to his racing heart. * WHAT IN THE WORLD WAS THAT?! *

puzzled Luigi in his mind.


" W~E~E~G~I~E....!! " An eerie scream rang in Luigi's ear.


" M- Mario? " trembled the young hero at the abnormal sound. 


But just as he thought that the commotion could not get any worse, the screeching of a

raven that flew past his nose, heated his brain once again.


" WOAH! " Luigi stumbled over and eyed the bird that nestled itself on a dried branch

aside another raven. " Is this? Oh no! Give me a break! " He was now looking at the

HUGE shadow behind the birds. It was a large gloomy mansion on top of an abandoned

hill. A silvery moon howled at this discovery along with the fading yell of Mario's call

for help. The trees were now more than happy to greet their visitor since the birth of

Forever Forest.


Was this supposed to be his grant price? An ancient building in the middle of a freaky

forest? It must be a dream! No, it wasn't a dream! It was a nightmare that became




I hope you liked it. I had fun writing this! To tell the truth, I put this together

around night time. -_-.  Now wasn't this perfect timing? Anyway, should I continue

this? I am not so sure because, I am a little too heavy on descriptions. Or is it okay?

I'd be happy to hear some opinions.  ^-^

Luigi's Mansion; Tale of the Haunted Residence
Chapter 1
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