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Song: Biohazard--Library



Chapter 2:  Be our guest.......


Luigi felt a cruel chill swooping by as he slowly made his way toward his new yet unpleasant mansion. The main gate wasn't much better than the forest. As the blue flames flicked by the gentle wind, they guided the route up to the "NOT- welcome" main door mattress.


Green mold that covered stone plates with past stories dug into the front yard and Luigi froze for a second. Something really awaking was going on.


" My eyes are not torturing me! I could've sworn that, that thing had just moved! " He gripped his hands together, tightly holding onto his flashlight. He could feel goose bumps rising above his skin.  "I....I must be seeing things.. My mind's going crazy on me. " 


"I heard Mario's voice earlier, so ought to be around here...."


Eventually, Luigi entered the mansion and found himself, standing in the foyer. There were two stairways, one on the left and the other on the right that lead up to another door. What was quite notable were the many candle holders and the chandeliers that were hanging from the ceiling, which tiny crystals rang at the slightest movement.


"M~~~a~~~r~~~i~~~o!!!! " exclaimed Luigi. Nothing answered his call but the showering darkness of the main hall. In front of him was a door tangled with unusually large white spider webs, which silently flashed in a dripping wave.


" I wonder what that is, " he slowly walked across the dusty floor and reached his arm toward the web to examine it, but then pull back . "......better not get to close to that. "


A cold wind fought its way through a slit in the main door carrying black crispy leaves into the hall in a rotating circle. Apparently, the young plumber forgot to shut it. Just

then, Luigi felt the presence of an individual behind him. His heart rate went up and the excitement took over him so that he obediently spun a half circle and..


" A-H...AHHHHHHH! W----WH----WHA----WHAT IS THAT!!!?!? " stuttered the now frightened hero. Out of nowhere, appeared a puppet hanging in the air. The drumming thunder from outside rumbled the sky, indicating an upcoming storm. The room flashed by light of the volts and the shadows began to dance. In the marionette's hand tightly clutched, were a key and a piece of demolished paper.


Luigi reluctantly took them and read the message. It was impossible to understand its words, because most of the ink and pieces were ripped or had faded through age. All he could figure out were the following words;


" Parlor--2nd floor--key "


" Must be referring to this. " Luigi held up the key, concluding that it must've been for the Parlor located on the 2nd floor.


He opened the door and entered into the purple lighted room. Once again, triples of candle sticks were the only lights. Luigi's body began to shake and to make things worse, the fun was just about to begin.....


The door of the parlor slammed shut! As it mystically sealing itself with another pack of electrocuting spider webs, it automatically sealed Luigi's attempt to escape along with it.

He was trapped! The victim was shocked by the sudden action and tripped. He sat on the ground as he stared at the door in horror.


"This isn't normal! Doors like these don't occlude with oversized spider webs nor do dolls start to emerge out of the air! " Yelled Luigi through his mind. Cold sweat came flowing down his cheeks.  


Then, Luigi heard un-earthy noises scribbling and mischief laughter around the room. What made these noises was best to be left unknown, but the writings that were left

behind were the things that bothered him the most. 


Luigi's eyes widened in horror. On the wall, were ghostly inscription tainted all over the furniture. Blood from the writing soaked the soft floor with every heart beat passing by.  

He dryly spoke each word he could read.  But then his lips refused to give the message that came together from this trace.


" Whoever enters this mansion...... shall be our eternal guest.

 We welcome you to your new home.

And we hope that you endure the dark, because they love the night....."


Suddenly, the walls began to speak on their own with each phrase from a different voice.


"Every single one that dared to come...." Luigi waited.

"Belong to us now....."  His body flinched.

"And you are next......" His breath became short.

"They are coming after you...."  Luigi turned.

"They will scare you...." He looked around

"They will torture you."  He became lost.

"And they will kill you..."  He felt defenseless.

"Are you afraid, little man? Are you? "


More and more dreaded words and voices emerged at every side and corner of the four-walled room. Luigi couldn't control it anymore, he was trembling like crazy, but the

agony went on....


"There's no way out...."

"No hiding and no escape...."

"You shall be our next piece to our collection!"



Along with a bolt of lighting striking the clouds, stoke a fading orange phenomenon's structure of an abnormal creature.


If he would've lost, all that blood racing through his veins, he would've passed out and never wake up.


"A.....??!!!" Luigi's scream replaced his exclamation. "G---GHO----GHOST!!!!! "


"BOO!!! "


"AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!" Shrieked Mario's only brother as he ram through the Parlor door which apparently wasn't sealed any longer.


Luigi was on the ground. He forced himself up and realized 3 orange ghosts with long fangs which longed for a drink of his fear. They erratically flowed toward him and Luigi backed to the stair railing.


"Ge.--- Get away from me!!! " he whimpered. He climbed onto the banister, and just before those greedy supernatural could touch him, Luigi gave a push and slid down the wooden railing on his feet. One of the orange ghosts attempted to grab him by his

overalls, but at a curve of the course, it snatched the air instead.


Luigi flew off at the end of the ride and landed once again on the cold floor on his back. His eyes were looking at the ceiling. He had hit his head and for a brief moment, he felt shaky. But now, the chandelier came racing down at him! With quick reflexes, Luigi rolled toward side where of the web coated door from earlier, barely avoiding it.


The crystals of the chandeliers shattered and pieces of glass lay across the whole foyer. His reflections rose along with him as he caught up with his breathing and tried to ease down. His heart and nerves were extremely exhausted.


By now, all three ghosts were floating above him. Luigi could exactly phase their words through their wicked grin.


" We have you now......"


What happened in just 30 minutes, felt like eternity. It was too much for him to handle. His fatigue overwhelmed him and his fate was handed over to the supernatural.


He lost consciousness.......   



Gahhhhhhh!!!!! I'm so tired from writing. You probably realize now that this is quite different, huh? I hope, I'm not upsetting someone. ^-^ Any comments? Please? But don't flame.... -_- ~Tina aka Koji



Luigi's Mansion; Tale of the Haunted Residence
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