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Song: Parasite Eve--Missing Perspective


Chapter 3:  Unleashing The Curse Of The Mansion



~*~*~*~45 minutes before Luigi's arrival~*~*~*~


Mario arrived at the mansion earlier than expected. He did think that this place was kinda

creepy after all. But being a person who had faced much more dangers, he believed that

nothing bad above his ability would happen to him. He was wrong.


"Mama-mia! " remarked Mario, "Luigi won himself one depressing residence!" He

stepped up to the mansion entrance. "Hm.....door's-a-looked. Might as well

just....WOAH!" exclaimed Mario when he accidentally stepped on a tiny frame that

caused the floor beneath him to open up.  


After a short ride, Mario landed on a stack of old rags. He got up and dusted himself of.

 "Great! I lost my flashlight. Now what? Ewe...I think I stepped on something gooey! "

In the dark, he shook his boots and with a ripping scratch of a match, he returned a weak

glow of light to the room.


"By the looks of this, must be the-a-washroom or something. " He continued walking and

down a set of stairs that was the only other way out. It led to a lower level of the mansion.


"AHHH! WH--WHAT THE HELL?! " Mario was caught by surprise by a collection of

bones and pieces or ribs spread along the ground at the end of the stairs in yet another

light-lacking room. He also noted the chucks of rocks that probably belonged to a human

statue.  Mario began to examine along the walls for an exit, and that is when he came

across a certain door......


"What's-a-this?" He noticed the strange sign in a forgotten language inscribed on one of

the boards of the odd framing. For all the nails and wooden plates hammered across it

and the chains and locks wrapped around it, the door was practically an unbreakable



A familiar scent filled his nose. " What's that smell? Is that....gasoline?" Strangely

enough, the door was soaked with a flammable liquid. "Probably, someone was trying to

open up this door. I wonder what-a-is in there? Not the exit" He turned to look for

another way out, without realizing that his fire match had reached its end.


 " Ouch! Hot! Hot! Hot!" yelped Mario waving his finger. Unfortunately, the small

sparks were enough to set his very location on fire.




Luckily, he jumped just seconds before the explosion. Once the clouds cleared, Mario

carefully lighted another match. Though it was rather unnecessarily, for a ghostly gleam

within the depths past the trashed door, gave a new light.


Indefinite pairs of tiny red eyes laid their vision on him. Their stare was more than

enough to freeze the plumber. Before Mario even flinched, the numbers of eyes rose and

grew larger, indicating their advancing motion. The swarm of Boos tackled Mario to the

ground. He wildly struggled, but to no avail. His body was subdued as the gassy crowd

rejoiced in a union of laughter."


 "Get you're filthy hands of me!!" Mario gave another attempt to break free, but they just continued their joy over his pathetic effort with their abnormal dance of their light. The group suddenly silenced and in front of Mario, a line of Boos stepped to the sides, revealing another Boo. Apparently, he wore a ruby red crown on his head and looked very different from the others by his cold blue eyes that caught Mario's attention and of a fade memory.


One of the Boos came up to him. "My king, it seems that we have.... a special visitor." He moved aside, allowing the leader to see the plumber in person.


"Well, well, if it isn't the great Italiano, Mario! I never thought I'd ever see you again. Remember me? It's been a long time since we last meet in battle." His pale face curved into a sly smirk. "I have thirst for revenge ever since then."


"Who the hell are you!? I don't remember you! To me, you all look the same, like big ugly volleyballs!"


"Shut up your trap, you swine! How dare you speak your ill tongue to King Boo!" The crowd's anger grew and started a pool of mixed conversation. The leader raised his arm and in an instant they became quiet.


"Of course you don't recall me. In your whole entire life, you didn't even lay knowledge of whom you trampled on, or more less your enemies."


"Why should I, to the likes of you?!" Bellowed Mario with another violent struggle. "You all are nothing, but underlings of Bowser!"


"DEAD WRONG!!" Boomed King Boo. "Maybe we are, maybe we're not. It doesn't matter to me.  All that I care for is enduring this perfect opportunity of sweet vengeance on you, and your chicken-headed brother!"


"You leave Luigi out of this!"


"And if I don't? Who will stop me? You? " sneered the leader along with the amusement of the other Boos. Mario was powerless under the numbers of enemies.


"What... are you going to do with me?"


The ghost purposely remained wordless and Mario automatically read his devastating

judgment.  "See for yourself. Boolicious? When was the last time we had a nice meal?"


*!!!!! No.... the ribs---and bones----on the ground!!!!!* shouted Mario's brain. 


"Ah yes, we had one just before a friend of that unfortunate man had sealed us away. I

have to thank you though, for freeing us form this cursed room."

All the Boos now revealed their sharp teeth letting saliva drip of their tongue. They

became starving piranhas, waiting to be fed. King Boo chuckled at this delightful sight.


"I believe my friends can no longer suppress their hungry anymore."  At every word King

Boo spoke, the supernatural became more eager and untamable.


"Take him away. I may have mercy on you, but revenge doesn't know the meaning of



"!!!!!!!!!" Mario was now literally fighting for his life, but he

had no chance against the tens of Boos who greedily seized him. Mario's fading yells

across the basement of the haunted mansion drastically begged for a soul to hear.






"Mario......where are you.........what happened to you........."




I want to thank Jes, Luigi In His Mansion, Robin Lee, GomezB3, Chomp9, and all

those people who read but didn't drop a message ^_^, for reviewing my story. I

appreciate it very much. Thank you, all of you., I feel all dizzy. Is this a slow start? Did you like this chapter?

Are you guys  *voice turns all dark and evil*  S~C~A~R~E~D? >:)

ACK! *Doges flying pointy objects* Okay, okay I was just kidding!!!


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