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Song: Link's Awakening--Bottle Grotto



Chapter 5: A Deadly Assault against our Cadet  


Deep within the blunt darkness of a distant hall tagged a small creature. This winged

being strolled across the endless halls of the mansion as if it was seeking a certain

something. Its heavy breath and massive feet brought nearby vases to wobble. So much

that tiny elemental balls of candle fire hovered to the sides to let the beast pass. 

A prehistoric roar boomed causing the spirits to huddle together in protection, respecting

this power. 


 The second our cadet ghostbuster set foot into the eerie residence, he felt the chill return.

As if the house became immediately aware of his presence, so did everything inside as



 "Professor, " Taking out a small rectangular item. "I'm seriously doubting a vacuum

cleaner will actually keep these ghosts way. Com' on E. Gadd! A house appliance! I

probably look like a mobilized maid!!" Luigi's Gameboy Horror buzzed for a second.


"Hey, you're talking about E. Gadd! Trust me. I've worked on ghost theology for 50

years! I know them by heart now! Besides, I myself used the Poltergust 3000 back in my

bachelor years."


"I have to say, you got some weird taste." He stared at the P3000, while making his way

up the stairs. "But, why choosing a vacuum cleaner and not something else?"


" couldn't find other suitable items. " Luigi picked up some weird noises

behind the professor, then a loud CRASH along with him missing on the screen.


"E. Gadd? You okay? "


"Sure...ouch, " Slowly his hand and his body emerged above the table. "

butt...Hey, get your paws off that!! " More sounds of breaking furniture could be heard. 

"YOUZEE!! Ok, ok!" said E. Gadd hastily. "I'll contact you as soon as I get more

information on my ....research. In the meantime, take a look around." Then he hung up.


*What the heck is he doing?* Luigi groaned, carefully opening the door to the parlor. He

nervously scanned the room, but nothing in particular caught his attention, except maybe



"How's the situation over there, feller?" Buzzed the device.


"Back already? Well, nothing pretty much...I'm in the parlor. Everything's normal, for a

room that is. "


All the bloody writings had disappeared and Luigi felt so much more relieved that way.

"These writings pop out just like they do. There doesn't seem to be anything else. I'll try

the next -!!!!!!!" The professor didn't catch the last words. Instead he heard another

outcry of attack. "E.GADD!!!!!"

"Sonny, what's going on?! Luigi? LUIGI!! CAN YOU HEAR ME???" His screen suddenly went black. The man violently pounded on the keyboard in hopes it would function again. "Jesus Christ! My inventions don't suck this bad!"  He pushed and turned some button and knobs. "Something must be blocking the transmission! AH! Come' on, come'on Luigi! Pick up already!"


Yet all he could make out was a very blurry and tilted first person view from what seems to look from under furniture. "Large shadows, are those.....wings? " Not long did E. Gadd bother about them when the sound of ripping flesh tore his ears. "Luigi!!" he shouted in anxiety. The audio pictured a horrified plumber in sheer panic against the hazard of an unidentified tone.



~~Meanwhile in a different room. A threat reaches its enforcers.~~


A group of white transparent creatures gathered together.


"Your Majesty. Mario's younger sibling has just entered the mansion." Smirked one of the Boos.


"Again? What kind of an idiot is he? After the scare the ghosts gave him he still dares to return!?" 


"Bootha, humans never learn. Bet all they eat are brainless-gullible soup!


All Boos chuckled. "Who cares! We're gonna have so much fun!"


"He'll be looking for Mr.Meatball. Well, TOO bad, he won't find him!!"


A sarcastic laughter boomed across the room. Then, King Boo's menace voice drew their



"Listen up! I am aware that you all are too eager to "play". As your leader, I want you all

to get the most out of Luigi's imagination of what the true meaning of fear consists! Do

whatever you like to him. These goons have underestimated and mocked us for the

longest time now! "


"But, my King. The Poltergust 3000!  I saw that old geezer with that blasted thing

looming around our area! "


"So?" A female Boo commented sarcastically. "You're gawking off, 'cause of an old



"For your information Bootique, that old dude is Professor Elvin Gadd! He had captured

all kinds of ghosts!"


"Riiiight. And he shook at the mere sight of a ghost." There was another round of

laughter set against the embarrassed Boo.


"Anyway, he dragged Luigi out after the chase down the banister. Furthermore, he

probably gave the P3000 to him too for defense! "


Now that thread had been posed, the Boos were seriously concerned and huddled into

side conversations that built up tons of questions.


"So, what is the Poltergust 3000?"


"What should we do?"


"I've gotta hide somewhere!"


"I need to go pee..."


All the mixed yapping and wailing drove Kind Boo to the top.

"YOU OVERSIZED CRYBABIES!! What about it!? That wrenched piece of junk won't

even bother us a bit! " The group settled down.


"Yes, it is our high weakness, but with Mario out of our way, it's the perfect opportunity

for our revenge! What can an old grandpa, furthermore a fraity-cat do to us? Little green-

skin probably won't be able to even put a drift on us with that anxious brain of his!"


The Boos cheered and Kind Boo's dictating voice turned more evil and mischievous.

"We'll just grab it and destroy it. We fear no mere house cleaning appliance! We are the

Boos, spirits destined to cause the fear and havoc all over the world. We fear nothing!

And if these humans mock us, like those foolish Mario Brothers and all of the Mushroom

Kingdom, we will prove our power to them! " Ovation and applause emerged, adding

more support.


"And as for the last Mario brother, " Their leader's sentence ended dry and cold. "ScArE

him witlessly! Make him suffer! And then you can have him for your desert. I want to see

him in pure torture! Now go! "


With all the encouragement, the Boos happily scattered across each and every room

thinkable of the massive mansion.


"Delightful seeing my subjects overjoyed over our personal toy. Not too long and there

will BE NO Mario Brothers any more! MUAHAHAHHAHAHHA!!"


~~Back in the Parlor, Luigi faces an assault.~~


Out of nowhere came burly arms firmly embracing Luigi's bare neck. " What the!!!?"

Resisting, he shock erratically to free himself. He took several movements to shake off

the creature that nestled itself onto his shoulder. But the owner of those thirsty manacles

refused to obey.


"It's....strong. It won't freakin' get off !!"  Suddenly sharp needles ram into Luigi's neck,

a blast of horrendous pain along splatters of fresh blood shot up from Luigi's back and

veins as the teeth of the beast dug itself deeper into his nervous system. Luigi cried out in


Then, the victim's voice gradually died down a whispering call for help. 




 "LUIGI! LUIGI?! WHAT'S HAPPENING??!!! " E.Gadd helplessly "watched" Luigi

being torn. "If only I know what is going on. Luigi..."


By the time the ancient clock on the parlor wall rang minutes, Luigi's energy left his limb

body fall. Still nourishing from his innocent blood, the beast refused to stop.

*I can't see.... I miss the sensation of a floor....I can't feel anything...nothing...have I

lost my living?* If his life still permits, Luigi heard a sore hustle against his ear. "YOu ArE MINE..."  Then, his eyes slowly fell for what may be the last time.


An anxious screech escaped the creature and to his surprise, Grim had spared Luigi's

destined life. The beast swiftly jumped off and acidly threatened its attacker. In a split

second its shadow had disappeared into a broken window.


His shoulder and neck area were heavily injured as his scarce blood soaked his slightly

ripped cloths. Luigi collected his remaining strength to push himself up, drowsily

glancing over to his savior. "Who are you?" he asked weakly. The figure didn't answer at

first, though somehow Luigi knew that he was in the presence of a familiar person; a

certain female with long angelic hair, and the pure scent of spring flowers.


 "D-Daisy?" He uttered not trusting his eyes. Was this the Sarasaraian Princess? The

girl he met at the Tennis Tournament some time ago? How? But, this female who stood

just feet away was dressed slightly different from the princess.


The wind embraced her silky hazelnut hair. She smiled sweetly and slightly shook her



"No, but to you.."




Now what's that suppose to mean?


Yep, I decided to make a new feature! Each of the characters has his/her own profile

on my website! Uh..sorta. But hey, making them, writing this and all those other

stuff I oughta do (i.e. work), is killing me all together. T_T

I'd really appreciate it. Arigato in advance! ^-^ 


Luigi's Mansion; Tale of the Haunted Residence
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