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Song: DK2--Hot Head



Chapter 6: A Fight that Gains Nothing in Return

~*~*~In the halls of the mansion~*~*~

"EAT THIS!" A projectile ball slammed against a Boo who immediately flung through
the walls. Apparently it was the only present weapon effective enough against the ghosts.

"What's the-a-matter?! A little too light weighted!?" Mario sticks his tongue out in taunt.
"Come'on! Bring it on! I-a-can handle all of ya!"

To his dilemma, they took his challenge serious and tons of different ghosts,
surfaced from every corner. The situation turned drastic. The now, discouraged Mario
lost his speech in return. 
 (Mama-Mia! Maybe I-a-shouldn't have done that!)

Whether he chose to stay and battle the mob, which was rather insane or decided to run,
one thing was certain. Mario was enormously outnumbered. 
"This is-a-not the time to be-a-fooling around! I've gotta-a-find Luigi and quick! King
Boo won't-a-get to fulfill his objective and torture Weege! I won't let him! Not as long as
I still have the chance to warn him first!" He ran as fast as his feet would permit, yet it
still wasn't enough to outrun the mob of sadistic Boos. They were in a hot pursuit of not
letting their prisoner escape.

"Stop running!"

"You Coward!"

"I'll BITE your head off!!!!"


On the coming side of the path Mario saw another horde of unwanted companies flying
his way.
"Holy Molly! There's-a-no end to this!" Before Mario collided with his pursuers, his eyes
spotted an old fire extinguisher on the wall.
"It's-a-old and rusty, but-a-it'll be worthwhile trying!"  He quickly grabbed the metal
bottle and sprayed it all around him. Now, the ghosts couldn't smell, or see their fugitive. 
This was his golden chance and Mario made a sharp turn through the stout mist into the
nearest room at the moment.....the kitchen.

He frantically slammed the door shut and brought any piece of furniture against the door,
though he thought it wasn't gonna be much of a help anyway. For a second of rest, Mario
quickly wiped sweat off his forehead and leaned against the cramped mess in front of the
 "Oh man! If I-a- knew this place was gonna-a-be haunted this bad I-a-would've called
the Ghostbusters along!"

Mario was allowed just a breath of tranquility before a small drawer awoke and raised
something. Through the moon light's reflection on it silvery surface, Mario saw the beam
of the knives floating in the air.
"Oh no..." he whispered in reluctance.

~*~*~ At the same time ~*~*~

Luigi remained quiet at his spot on the carpet floor of the parlor in an effort to recover
from the assault. He lifted his head and starred across the room at the girl who had saved
him from an unknown beast that scared his flesh.

"Daisy?" he questioned uneasily.  "I-Is that re-really you? What are you doing here?
What in the world just happened?" As his questions rose so did his binding pain around
his shoulder. It all filled his mind until he became irritated by his state and her sacred
silence. "Say something!" He demanded so as to make sure that he wasn't dreaming. At
least, he hoped he was and that he would wake up in his bedroom at home and far away
this presence.

 His vision clouded when she flashed an encouraging smile. Luigi naturally blinked and
noticed that her body had disappeared into thin air.
"What?" he sounded in realization.  "Was I.....hallucinating?" He rubbed his eyes off his
blood and winced at the soreness, which was obviously a sign of reality. His right hand
lazily surfaced over his scared shoulder. He shakily stumbled as he tried to stand up only
to fall down again. 

"I wasn't even fully into this mission and I am already injured. Who said it was my lucky
day.." Luigi cynically mumbled. As if things weren't already shifting away from him, a
small creature cast its shadow on the floor in front of him showing its advancement
toward him. "Oh com'on! Not right now! " Luigi thought of his vacuum, but the light
nozzle of the Poltergust 3000 probably wouldn't even scratch anything, nor would
sucking be of any help, because he'd only be dragged across the room helplessly clinging
onto it. The P3000 wouldn't  really do much for him right now. But then, he spotted some
glass shards on the ground which broke off the window earlier. Luigi had some thoughts
and didn't want to take the chance to die here without truly confronting the haunted
residence. He slowly reached for a dagger-like piece and waited for his guest to come.
Once the figure approached close enough, Luigi fiercely flung about with the razor end of
the glass about to slice....

"WOAH! Hold it there youngster!" The figure yelped in fright and waved his hands in
defiance to be stabbed by his own trainer. "It's me. E. Gadd!" 
Luigi heavily sighed in relief, dropping his defense.
"E. Gadd, please don't do this.  I've been through all sorts of stuff now."

"Hehe, I'm aware."

Luigi leaned on his hands and glanced at the room's roof.
(Mario....where are you?....)

~*~*~In the kitchen ~*~*~

The tiny cutting utilities silently hovered in the air. Mario anxiously kept his watch on
them and naturally gulped which triggered the knives to madly dash his way. Their
target...his head. Luigi would've found his brother on the kitchen floor, immediately
dead, if it hadn't been for his quick reflexes.
"Phew! That was-" *KLONG!* He swiftly tilted his head to the left as one blade bore
itself into the wood. Mario had a second or so to watch each knife attempting to stab him.
He alertly ran along the walls over to an exit on the opposite side.  The other knives
followed and erratically flung after like killer bees toward the plumber.

Mario's jumping skills evaded the incoming attacks, but something suddenly tore him
back. He spun his head and saw a knife had nailed his overalls to the wall.
"Dang it!" Before he could free himself more needles pinned him against the room. His
arms and legs hung like a bunch of clothing on a wardrobe. He couldn't move and now
he was the easiest red target in the world. Mario struggled with all his strength. He
awaited the next edgy blade to hit, but to his surprise it never pierced his body. He
glanced over to were the drawer was. Obviously it ran out of cutting utilities, and
thinking the danger was over.....was far off from the end. 

Pots, pans, cupboards, shelves and even the fridge violently shook, coming to life!
"What?!" chocked Mario in between. The stove pit flames until a bundle of fire balls
emerged. Their tiny red buttons laughed out in joy, mocking Mario which really upset
"What are you-a-snickering about, you-a-spark of candle fire!?" The spirits of fire were
angered and decided to teach him never to mess with them, especially when you're
plastered. They twisted themselves into curls and a snake-like flow, creating a fire
breathing dragon! Mario's eyes widened in horror. The serpent's eyes greedily preyed
upon the defenseless plumber. It opened its jaws letting its fiery roar force against his

Mario felt the room temperature rising. He cursed under his breath and the lizard swayed
slowly making its way to its dinner.

~*~*~ In the Parlor ~*~*~

"Thank the souls you're ok! Your horrifying screams sent chills down my spine! I
thought you were a goner!" E.Gadd reached his hand into his pocket. "I brought some
herbs for the wound."

"Thanks, Profs!" E.Gadd sprayed a liquidly fluid across Luigi's shoulder, which caused
him to wince a little.

" My gosh, it's a pretty deep wound! An unusual one too.." he suspiciously scrutinized
the cut. 

"What-OUCH!......What do you mean?"

"Nah, don't worry about it." The bandages were tightly wrapped and he was ready to go.   
"It should start recovering within the next couple minutes or so. I use very strong herbs
that are extinct."

"Smelly ones too..ugh...." He covered his nose in discomfort.

"Just because these plants heal injuries quite well, they do leave a fragile wound open.
So, try not to move too much."


" Say, Luigi, do you happen to know about those small gas-like creatures called Boos?"

"Unfortunately, yeah, Mario and I only encountered them in spooky places like castles
and abandoned houses. (Please don't tell me they're here too...)"

"And King Boo?" Luigi blinked a couple of times.

"He's the leader, yes?" The little man nodded. 

"King Boo ain't like any other ghost." He paced around with Luigi carefully listening.
"He's truthfully heartless and full of vengeance. I bet my portrait paintings," he sadly
sighed "if I had any....that he had planed this whole plot out just to avenge all his loyal
subjects you two might've humiliated in the process. I'm certain that he longs for the
Mario Brothers blood to shed. And he might've already-."
"No! Mario isn't like that to lose!" He anxiously responded in reluctance. "He never lost
to Bowser, and won't give in to a freaky gas ball! Never!" Both suddenly were taken in
by a horrifying scream.

"AAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" an Italian voice echoed through the

"Mario!" E.Gadd and Luigi cried out in union.

~*~*~At the scene of the crime ~*~*~

The fire serpent neared the immobile Mario until they were face to face. It curved a
sadistic smirk and the hero felt like as if he was breathing in Bowser's hot breath. A loud
smash filled the room, followed by Luigi and the professor stepping onto the kitchen

"Luigi!?"  Mario called out in surprise. The dragon sharply turned away from its prey and
drew its attention toward its invaders.
"Look out!!!!" Mario tried warm them for it immediately aimed for the two. They hardly
dodging the attack by 2 inches. The door that used to stand there went ablaze, and shortly
after had been razed by the hot scales of the ghostly dragon.

"What a monster!! I never knew the supernatural were capable of this! " E.Gadd panted.

"Well, profs. You know it now!" The snake-like creature flung another assault, and this
time Luigi had to roll E.Gadd over too.  

"Mama-mia! This thing snaps as quickly as a whip does!"  The aggressive beast certainly
occupied Luigi's vision, but then in the shallow background he spotted a hose lying in an
open cabinet. He thought and came up with a strategy, but both better had to be quick
enough if they didn't want to catch on fire like the door did.

"Professor, I have a plan!"



Here it goes!" Luigi dashed off leaving a confused man behind. "E.Gadd! You distract him!"

"Who-wha-WHAT!!! ME!?" The sizzling creature roared in exasperation! The professor hesitated and barely, yet somehow avoided the monster's claws.

"Wha-WHAT am I suppose to distract it for?! YIKES!!" A claw burned up a portion of E.Gadd little hair. While the cadet slid across the slippery floor below the dragon's body.
"Whatever you have in your crazy mind, CAN YOU PLEASE, HURRY UP ALREADY?! AHHHH!!!"

"Luigi! Are you-a-trying to kill him or what?!" Mario doubtfully questioned in anger.

"Of course not!" He responded a little jumpy as he stopped by the sink's cabinets near the fridge. He swiftly grabbed the hose and attached it to his vacuum and to the freezer's water pipe.
"Let's see how much water you can take that's far below zero Celsius! "

A blast of freezing water burst out of the Poltergust 3000's nozzle, precisely striking the lizard's head.

"I know how much you hate water, especially if it comes from its coldest source!"

It screeched out in pain "You're a ghost, but you still live off the element of fire!"

"Brilliant idea, youngster!"

"Frezzer's water pipe. Smart,Weege.You go!" Mario cheered his little brother on, while they both were impressed by the spectacle.

The dreadful shriek likely posed the end of the battle, but it wouldn't give in to its opposite element. Despite the temperature drop, it wildly spewed its breath against Luigi's icy water attack. Both were throwing themselves against the contradicting wall.
The monster felt its flames dying and Luigi uncomfortably breathed in the hot atmosphere.

Eventually the monster collapsed onto the ground dispersing into small fragments of fire balls that eventually died out. 

Luigi dropped onto his hind, heavily in and exhaling. E.Gadd in meantime pulled out the knives that nailed Mario and within minutes he was free.

"I-a-would've bet my pasta that that hallow volleyball couldn't-a-find you!" Mario warmly embraced his little brother, but then remembered something critical. "Luigi! We've gotta get out of here!"

"Wha-Why?" He curiously questioned.

"There's NO time to explain!"

"We better go like your bro says." Luigi nodded. Mario's words made him nervous, so he made no second thoughts and ran out the kitchen and into the distant halls with the two close by his side.

"Oh? Leaving so soon? I haven't even started playing yet! " A malevolent voice in echoed the air. All of the sudden a vertical wall slit off the ceiling occluding their passage down the hall. They ran back only to find another new wall blocking their way. "Ah-ah-ah-aaaaahh" the ghost waved his fins addressing them like naughty kids.

"King Boo!?" The trio shouted. Delighted, the majestic Boo flowed into the confined space, followed by his loyal subjects. "Ahhhhh, so what do we have here?"

"Mr. Meatball!" hollered Limbooger.

"The old geezer!" Boogie pointed out.

"And little red 'fraighty cat!" sneered Bootha.

"You! Who call yourselves the well-known hero Mario and that pathetic brother of yours named, Luigi!" He acidly spoke treating them like criminals "Do honestly think you can
just waltz into my domain and run off?!"

"It would've been nice." Luigi simply answered, which was a huge mistake! Mario noticed the leader's eyes tilting to an even wicked smile.
"Luigi! Listen, King Boo intends to-"

"Oh no you don't!" Before Mario could utter another word, King Boo cast an eye-blinding flash of light that took over everybody's vision, but Luigi's ears made out outcry from his brother. "WHHAAAAAAAHHHH!" That abruptly ended with a thud.

 The flash disappeared, and on the ground laid a motionless Mario.

"MARIO!" Luigi called out, running over to the fallen plumber.

"You freak! What have you done!?" E.Gadd demanded.


"Liar!"  The boy in green retorted. "Answer me at once!"

"Why should I? It would be a waste telling you since you all will be joining him anyway!!! " The leader gave a sign to his underlings. They nodded and disappeared through the temporary wall, not long after the walls themselves began to move inward
with edgy swords embedded within them!


"The sides are closing in on us!!" The professor spun his head at both directions.

"Is this what you call a GAME?!" Luigi skeptically yelled.

"Oh no, certainly not." He casually responded.

"Oh goodie! I always wanted to try my recipe," Boonita clasped her fins together, "for "Squashed Plumber Ala-De-Tan!"

"Bye bye geezer and string bean!"

"Sayonara, Mario brothers!" King Boo callously turned his back and left with his minions leaving a contorted laughter that would still ring in their ears even in their death.

He desperately scanned the room that was getting smaller and smaller. Luigi and E.Gadd decided and continuously threw themselves against the other sword-less walls, but nothing would do. The only reward they received in return was back-pain and the boy's shoulder broke the herbs magic. The cut reopened and began soaking his ripped bandage. Luigi clinched his teeth.

"No use..." The professor laid down in disappointment. The walls were now nine feet apart.

Luigi dragged himself back to the body on the floor and held Mario close to him."This...can't be the end....."

Seven feet

The young hero starred down at the carpet, losing hope.

Six feet.

(So close...yet so far from home....)

Five feet.

(Well, at least I found Mario before I die.....)

Four feet.

And if they all awaited for the walls to finally shut and pierce through the bodies of the Mario Brothers and that of an old scientist, Luigi thought that he was already dead for he heard a familiar voice calling him....

"That voice?"


Ieecchhhhhhh!!!! Really tired! Good god! I've been writing till 2 AM in the
morning! That explains the crappiness of the end chapter. -_- But hey, this chap was one of the most changing and probably longest one I ever wrote! I like it too!

So are they really dead? I dunno... *Cutting utilities are tossed at Koji* MYAAAAHHH!!

Awe rip! (Yeah, Robin. Ur phrase ^-^ Oh and about the wall thingie, that's her idea from Phobia 2.) I think this will turn up really long. So, maybe I oughtta chop it off and make a sequel out of it. What do you think? Then kinds is a stupid thought....  

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