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Song: Parasite Eve--Sotto Voce
Chapter 7: Driven Off From the Edge of Death and Life

He miserably waited for the world to slowly come to an end, tightly holding his brother in his arms totally worn out and injured. He and the professor harshly slammed
themselves against the wall for what must've been at least 20 times. And yet, nothing moved or cracked.  He watched E.Gadd give another desperate smash against the room as the sword edged walls rumbled inward in victory. E.Gadd gritted his teeth in pain.


"...*Sigh*..We practically tried everything, sonny. The PG3K won't do any good."

"And freezing won't do much either..."

"So..this is the end eh?" he chuckled in irony.


The thundering racket just wouldn't leave their ears. It was just seconds now before grim will claim three pitiful souls. He glanced at Mario one more time, who appeared like he was asleep, only that his chest wasn't moving up and down at its regularity. In fact, his whole body didn't even stir or moved at all, just a small faint heart beating silently.


(And this is how it all will end? Just like this?) Luigi felt anger rise in him. (JUST LIKE THIS!!?) His mind boomed in denial.
The swords were shifting in...closer....and closer.....until----

Something harsh and abruptly bore itself into him. Luigi was overwhelmed with tremendous pain piercing through his flesh. Blood shot out of his veins and body. He
heard someone' small scream escape. E.Gadd's and Mario's blood flew past his vision. He knew the professor was no more. And whether Mario was already dead or not, it wouldn't have mattered.  He made no sound what-so-forever like a doll and Luigi was
going to join him. He gradually shut his eyes with that last red flowing down his vein, accepting the darkness and leaving this haunted residence.
His legs, his arms, chest, head, and every organ in him seemed to have split into pieces he had no nerves attached to them any more. He felt himself falling for a long time,----but where was he headed?

"Probably hell....." Luigi dared to open up, finding himself surrounded in blunt darkness.
He turned, floating in eerie emptiness with no motion and sounds, nothing but his own silent breathing. Was he even breathing at all? He couldn't have and he wasn't.
He was dead.  He felt cold, cut, and sliced.  His dried up veins showed no life. He was just a hollow image of his former self; A lost spirit in an ocean of nothingness.

After a while with nothing running in his mind, he spotted a small splash of paint in the
distance. Luigi squinted and made out something silvery
shine of deadly white...and scarce blood scattered across what seems to be a tiny room
with three contorted bodies in it. He uneasily asked his feet to walk unable to tell whether
he was or just floating over there closer to have a better view. And when he realized the
beings in that reclused room, his eyes widened in horror. He shook his head in disbelieve.
His eyebrows trembled and his mouth quivered.   Within that small picture was....the
professor,....his brother..... and himself.....stabbed and crushed to death by the deadly
walls, King Boo had trapped them in.  The dead faces staring at nothing but thin air,
Mario in silence and E.Gadd nailed by the weapons.He saw his internal organs splattered

"Dead......,"He wheezed.  "We're...gone...," falling to his knees, pressing his
tears for seeing this awful sight of their death. And if this wasn't already breaking his
spirit, Luigi's hollow hearings picked up a wicked laughter snickering in the dark. He
immediately shot up in recognition of this voice. He could never forget it.....even in his
"YOU!!" He snapped at the invisible ghost king somewhere around him. "Why
won't leave us alone!!? Haven't you already had enough fun torturing us to death!? "

" I will never have enough, string bean!!! I haven't EVEN started yet!"

"You've got a freakin' sick sense of entertainment!! You gas ball!! We ARE
DEAD!! You HEAR ME!!!" He gasped in fury.

King Boo didn't reply, but Luigi knew he was enjoying his play with them, every last bit
of their presence, physically AND spiritually.

"Why...!?" He dryly asked. King Boo answered with an invisible force rapidly
slicing his already injured shoulder in two long strokes. He cried out in horror with no
blood spilling, yet the binding pain was still attached to him. Luigi collapsed onto his
four. Why was he still suffering after he was already killed?

"I'm a king amongst ghosts...I know my ways to scar a spiritual body as much as
I can do to the living!"

A loud mixture of children's laughter, ghostly mockery, guns shots, clinging knives,
roaring monsters, breathing fire and familiar screams, played in his hearings. Luigi
forcefully pressed his ears in agony, desperately trying to block the noise.

"Stop! Get out of my mind!!!" He couldn't stop it. "Please...." He begged for
everything in the world to end forever. Clinging onto what remained of his life...if he
ever had one left..

But...what about professor E.Gadd? What about Mario? Where were they?

~*~*~*In some dimension*~*~*~
"You sick dog!!!" Banged the prisoner against thick glas.

"For one, I'm no hound, plumber face! I'm a king you better bow down to! " King
Boo gave a smirk that even King Bowser had no match with.  "If you still treasure your
brother, I MIGHT spare you all. is NOT you I'm centrally aiming for....but,
I never give away the joy I leech from your souls!  MUAHAHHAHAA!!!!"

(Please serene portrait ghost, show yourself. Help Luigi! I know you can! Just
don't get yourself caught by this gas bump! If only I had told Weege about it......I'm
sorry for all this...)

The young brother shifted, rolled, and tossed. The clamor hollering continuously.
(...Luigi.....) In between the shrill noise, sounded a sweet and familiar voice of an angel.
For a brief moment, Luigi was spared from the torture. He starred at the background, but
then he noticed something that wasn't there before; A pale spark of blue in a shape of a
human being.
(Wha-?) The individual gave a warm smile, letting her long wavy gas-like hair

"A ghost...?" chocked Luigi.
She gently laid her hand on the young plumber's cheek, calming him like a mother,
whispering what seems to be....encouraging words of forgiveness?

(I'm...sorry, to have caused you so much pain...I know nothing can replace what
you and your friends have gone through. But please, have patience and be strong, please
hold on long enough.) Luigi felt serene warmth around her.

"What do you mean..?" He gazed into the beautiful, yet saddening eyes of the
ghostly lady. Her hand moved past his face, with everything coming to a change in his
surroundings. The new image after that pointed on that of dim basement.

"Luigi! Sonny, Wake up!"


"Luigi Mario, open your eyes." He did as he was told. The first thing he knew, was looking at the face of a princess.


"Daisy..(Awe man, not again)?" Luigi didn't bother anymore whether his brain was playing games with him or not.
"Get up, youngster! You're not dead!"
(........I'm...not...? I don't understand) He figured if he'd get up, he would find an answer to this unearthy situation. There he was, in a dim cellar room with the professor, Mario, and Daisy, in the flesh.  


"I can't find an answer to that boy. I'd count my last strands of hair and swore we
were crushed! Dream or not, this young lady saved our hinds!"

"I was your heroine?" She shook her head. "No, you two just had a
nightmare...that's all."
E.Gadd felt suspicious about Daisy, and so was Luigi. There were evidence supporting a
dream and reality. The fact that they all were perfectly fine and even Luigi's wound
healed proved to be strange, but that Mario still hasn't waken up yet proved reality.
(A nightmare she says. That was far worse than mere imagination. I know I was dead!
I'm sure I was. I felt every living bone inside me shatter. There's no way it could've been
a dream. Not by a chance.)


I'll stop here. RAHHHHH!! Man! I'm soo mad!!
Ok, guys....uh I need a serious yes or no...I mean answer. I have the story planned
out, but I think I'm dragging this whole story. Seriously, I am! Let's see the only
people reading this brainless scribble are Jes and Robin. (Thanks guys! You are so
nice! ^-^ Maybe somebody else reads it too, thank u to u too!) besides that?
If I re-read this....I feel so lame and downright cheesy for writing this piece of junk! 
 Heck! I originally didn't intent to end it there, but I need to know. (Why else do you
think I chopped it off there?) Tell what you think and tell me if I should continue.

Luigi's Mansion; Tale of the Haunted Residence
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