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Song: SOM--Banished
Chapter 8: His Eye on the Sarasarian Princess


The grass swung a quiet "Hello" as the footsteps of two dark figures sounded over an uneven stony pathway outside the mansion. The wind smacked against the faces letting torn leaves swirl by them. The grey coloring in the grim sky promised a never ending storm coming its way

"How much further?" Luigi turned to the other person as they jumped over broken branches and muddy puddles

"Not far." She answered keeping her speed with him.

~*~*~* Flashback*~*~*~

"What happened to Mario?" Daisy questioned her friend, breaking his train of thought. Luigi didn't want to argue about nightmare or reality. It definitely bothered him emembering the incident, so he explained everything to her and introduced Professor Elvin Gadd to Princess Daisy. The short man noticed the plumber staring at the motionless body on the floor of dim cellar room.

"Mario hasn't been moving, nor breathing?" Daisy mentioned and Luigi shook in confirmation. They felt the cold water droplets drip from broken pipe lines along queaks of ghostly mice crawling their way through old barrels.

"I can hear his heart still beating just beats the heck out of me! I'm don't understand anything anymore!" He allowed his dirty hat and messy hair fall into his face,
tired and exhausted from all the things turning against him. How was he to flee from this hell hole?

"You know that King Boo has left Mario's empty shell to us. He extracted your bother's spirit."

"He just can't let us get out of here, unless I'll beat it into his sick minded air-head!"

* WHAM!!* He smashed a nearby crate into bits.

"Luigi! Please, don't lose your temper." Daisy cling her delicate hand to his arm.

Signing he calmed himself a little. "Alright, so now I need to hunt down that freak?"


~*~*~* Present*~*~*~

There was a something barking in the woods as they dashed past the wooded area. The wind gradually picked up, gaining speed.

"My lantern's almost out. And it hasn't been five minutes since we left the cellar." The little oil lantern in her hand flickered weakly as it burns as the only light within the chilly outsides of the mansion. Literally to say, the surroundings perfectly matched its residence residing in it. Black and dead trees do make a frightening face and so do the living hands of twigs. They arrived at a yet more less-lighted location, one that would make the scariest visiting place on Halloween Day; An abandoned graveyard living in the dull lights of blue candle fire.

"Wait....."Daisy stopped in her tracks, panting. "...I.... need a break," she rested her hands on her knees.

(Awe man! Not now. At least....not HERE) He reluctantly stopped, as much as he didn't want to spent any minute longer in this eerie resting place, he would never leave
his friends behind. Luigi hoped they could quickly move on when he sharply jerked up, frightened and alarmed.

"What's wrong?" The wind suddenly died down.

"Shhhhh" He cautiously hushed with his finger. The moon lighted a fading glow of weary yellow and blue. The atmosphere felt dry and downright creepy.


Before she could ask, something burst out of the ground under her.

"AAAHHH!!!" She panicked, for a dry skeletal hand grabbed her leg. The plumber had little time to react when formations of bones arose from the earth around the

"Skeletons, Mr. Bones, dogs and ghosts!!" Luigi listed the enemies emerging into view.

"...EeEEEeehhhhh......boodiesssss..." moaned one, sharpening its digits. Cranky skeletons have awakened from their graves obviously overjoyed by their delicious trespassers. Their eye holes had tiny heartless blue pupils staring into theirs. And if this party wasn't already heating up the special guest was about to make his debut. Out of the cool air the form of the majestic boo swirled until Luigi could see the malicious grin of King Boo.

"Ah how nice of seeing you here, Luigi. I'm pretty sure that you're looking for me, hmm? " He dangled a small glassy container with a familiar figure within in. "You've brought what I have been looking for, for such a long time, "he preyed upon the Sarasarian Princess .

"Daisy? " Luigi questioned. " you want from her?! You sick ghost!!"


"You better not upset me if you still want your fatty brother back!!" He playfully flipped the bottle. "I would favor your presence dead much more," and with that, he let
the undead mob loose.

"....uGhHhhhh...I looooooove cOooOOmpan----y." The zombie eagerly advanced stumbling like a broken legged man. Daisy yanked her leg off the hand. "Get
your ugly hands off of me!!!" She raised her fists, striking the arm at full force.

"What's going on!? Daisy?! Luigi?!" E.Gadd's voice came over the Gameboy Horror in the cadet's overalls' pocket.

"WooooooN't t...Yuuuu coooooOOome JOIn us?"

"Ohh.. it's just a matter of time until I have the girl in my grasp." King Boo was amused by their on going fighting.

"Over my dead body!" He drew his PG3K holding it ready. "If it's Daisy you want, then you havta get through me first!"

"With pleasure!!!" A group of skeletons and two ghostly bulldogs darted at them.

Once again, E.Gadd was left in suspense as the two had their hands full until they realized that it didn't take much for the undead to gather together. Daisy and Luigi were surrounded in no time.

"Not good..." They moved in little by little, pushing our heroes closer and closer against their back.

"Did you know that this girl is not human?" The king threw in between.

"What?" The questioned popped up while they held their guards ready. A zombie leapt at Luigi, who jumped aside whacking its skull of its body. The second the body fell,
a ghostly skeleton flung at him. Luigi swiftly blinded it with his flash light it growled hiding its face. He saw his chance and took his Poltergust 3000 for a clean up.


It tried to escape the grip of the strong tidal wave. "Oh no, you're not going anywhere!" Luigi yanked the nozzle sucking until the ghost finally disappeared into the PG3K.
Before he even knew, Luigi suddenly felt a bite on his behind.

"YEOWW!!" The dog growled and jerked his "paperboy" by the lower portions of the overalls. "Hey! Let go!!" Spooky continued tugging, twisting his cloths fiercely. A little blood came into view, which induced more dogs trying a bite of him. "EGAD!"

Daisy just barely dodged a claw zooming past her forehead. She ducked and ran full force against the skeleton's ribs, shattering it into small bones. The numbers of enemies were
rising and an escape was growing slim.

"They keep coming and coming, Luigi! We can't keep this up any longer!"

"Stop pretending that you are the Princess of Sarasara Kingdom! Cause you are not her!"

"Say what?!" Luigi glanced over the imposter of Daisy.

"Luigi,...I.." she didn't know what to say. At that moment, King Boo halted his subjects.

"That's right, Luigi. The girl next to you is NOT the princess of Sarasara Land. She is a gho -

"Be quiet!!" She bellowed defending her identity. Her breath showed denial and fright.

"Is that true?" the woman flinched at the question, obviously scared to answer. He looked at her, waiting. After some silent seconds, she felt she could handle it and so
she anxiously faced him.

Pressing the words out: ".....He is....not lying....." Luigi was struck with thousands of emotions. He backed away from the imposter, fist clenched with the feelings of betrayal, confusion, frustration, and hatred.

"You-You have been against us all along!! So this is how he tracked us down. You are his spy!"

"Luigi, no! It's not what you think!" She begged, tears starting down to her face. All her hopes of safety shattered within an instant.

King Boo simply burst out in laughter. "You can't hide from me like the other ghosts of the mansion tried. Melody didn't do a good job in hiding you and I pressed Lydia to tell me everything I needed to track you down. " She was silent, broken with no words. "Serenity, Spirit of the mansion's royalty!!!" King Boo announced, revealing her true identity. Like a reaction, the figure of Daisy dissipated and the form of a beautiful long-haired young mistress came forth. Her gasly figure swayed in the wind.

"You are-!?" Realization hit Luigi like a bullet. Certainly she wasn't Daisy, but she was the same woman who tendered him, encouraged him and begged him for forgiveness for letting them go through the agony before their death, when he was floating in the dead dimension.

"Came to me, Serenity. I've been waiting for you to become part of my collection!" Obediently, she moved toward the boo. She was reluctant to go, but she had given up escaping the enemy royalty of her family. Luigi was her last sparkle of hope. And has burned its last glow.

"Here! I have no need of this filth in my bottle." Lazily, he flung Mario's spirit which landed in the plumber's hands which disappeared by contact. "You should be grateful, fraighty-cat! I would've crushed you beyond possibility that even Serenity could've have brought you back to life!" He turned, about leaving the graveyard, followed by a depressed ghost. Luigi caught a glimpse on her angelic face and it literally broke his heart. Seeing her in such a state, he couldn't help it. He was bothered by what was occurring.


"Luigi, I know you are tired of this whole deal. You all will leave this mansion alive. Just for now pull yourself together You've gotta find King Boo! Mario's counting on you. "

"But finding King Boo with such a time limit is impossible!" The professor thought.

"Isn't there anything I can do?!"

"There have a slim chance." She turned her back to them. Luigi blinked while E.Gadd came from behind.

"You mean Serenity? The ancient spirit who has the ability to give life? Isn't she the only survivor and the last of her tribe? Oh and in case you're wondering, I've conducted my last research on her. Besides she was the one who escaped while I had communicated with you over the GBH."

"I remember that. So I guess, looking for this ghost is gonna be a priority." He spoke dryly while staring at the soul-less Mario resting near him. "She better be able to help him."

"She will," her warm smile promised hope. "I'm......sure she will....."
~*~*~*End of flashback*~*~*~

Guilt, that's what plagued the young brother. Luigi fell to his knees. "What have I done....?"




There's more, but I'm ending it right there! The whole story has a real twist now, which I originally didn't even plan to make. I've gotta finish this! Com-on! About making this more like the game, I'm trying to, but now when I look at this all together.  I think that I totally threw the hoot, going over board. (Are you..uh going to kill me now? ) '~'   OK! Ok! Ok! I will try not go too far off the game. It is after all sorta like a story of a more serious Luigi's Mansion ...ok forget what I said.
NOOOO!! School!!! T_T

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