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Song: Dewprism--Reality



Chapter 9: Decisions Made

Nothing He lazily strolled across the shadowed garden of his mansion. He didn't know what he was doing, what to think, what to do from this point forward. His mind swirled with the thoughts and vision of his companion taken away by the enemy. He felt culpable for letting her hopes vanish in his hands. Whether she was a friend or a fiend...he couldn't help himself but to feel mpathy for Serentity, the maiden who shaped herself as the Princess of the Sarasara Kingdom.

"Luigi! Luigi!" Professor E.Gadd ran toward the plumber. "It's Mario!" The little man hastily pointed at his brother.

Luigi's head jerked up. (Was there more to come? Please don't let something happen to him!) Mario stood behind E.Gadd. His face folded with disappointment in his brother.

"Mario?" Luigi's face weakly smiled for his brother's safe return. But it still remained depressed.

"I'm fine, Weege." Normally, the two would embrace each other, but this wasn't going to happen. Not now and not until something has been done. "By the looks on your face, I assume you're leaving her in King Boo's hands."


"..........," Mario carefully examined his very move.

"I've seen everything form out that bottle. I know what's happening," he moved in closer to Luigi so that he stood by his right side, not facing him, "and I know what's going to happen to her if you don't do something about it."

"Mario, please......please spare me the agony of going through this," he was beset by Serenity's fate under Kind Boo's will. Who knows what the enemy royalty of the maiden's heritage might do to her? " .....I-I don't wanna be any part of this anymore. I have already once asked if this was a dream! And for all sakes it has been the same result!" Luigi grew agitated, his head hanging down, his hat covering his eyes.

"Weege, w- "

"PLEASE LET IT BE!!!!" he bellowed. Luigi suddenly felt his cheek aching. His brother had smacked him across his face.

"Weege! Pull yourself together will you!!? I don't know what you're thinking! But I'm not going to stand here and let things like this slide by your face!"


"Mario. Aren't you being too harsh?" E. Gadd kept himself a good distance between the two.

"I expected this mansion would've drive us insane the moment I saw that creep head of a sports-ball. But what has become of you is beyond me?! You're not my brother Luigi!



Alone that one phrase set Luigi in shock. But nothing came out. He wasn't looking nor reacting. Mario grabbed Luigi by the shirt. "Why don't you say anything?!"

"He's plagued with guilt. It's as simple as that." A voice echoed. as a ghostly woman emerged from the trees.

"Madame Clairvoya?!" The little man called. Madame Clairvoya was an old fortune-teller who also resided in the mansion. It appears that King Boo hadn't captured her in the midst of the attack. Every portrait ghost, including Serenity fell into the grasp of the regal ghost, except for her.

" Mario, please understand this. You're little brother, he isn't truthfully to say, afraid. If you are related to him, you must be able to see, to realize his thoughts that he is to blame for our princess's whereabouts. "

Mario loosed his grip on Luigi while everyone carefully listened. "Luigi, Serenity has done many things for us. I'm positive that she brought you back to life. Without her, our life in that lonely mansion would've been nothing but a dry raisin in the sun. No sunlight to brighten our day, no smile to sooth our dead souls. Her touch itself ameliorates even unfortunate people cut by Kind Boo. I beseech you. Please bring her back."

"King Boo crushed us down to bits if you still remember!! She brought us back to life! You too, Luigi Mario!"

(Serenity gave herself up. And because of that, Mario's back to normal. So many things, so little given in return. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't be standing here breathing. I owe her.)
After some moments seeking for an answer, Luigi simply turned around and walked off. His Poltergust 3000 tightly clutched at his hand. The others remained at their spot. Mario was about to strangle his brother when Luigi turned his head with a determined face.

           "Let's go Mario! We're going to get her outta there, "he was taken by his words.

"You better had said that earlier!" Mario smiled for Luigi's decision.

"Mario, wait! Take this with you! This is my newest nvention," E.Gadd walked up to Mario and handed him a strange device that appeared to be a water container of some sort. At the top, there was a trumpet shaped silver nozzle, where the insides of the device could be sent out. "I ran back to my lab and got this for you. It's called the FLUDD. (Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device)," Mario took a glimpse of it, looking somewhat puzzled. "Oh, you'll find out how to utilize it. "

"Yeah, by then some ghost will have me dead. " Clairvoya and E.Gadd lightly chuckled at the joke.

"Thanks, all of you." And with that, they ran off to the graveyard. Equipped the PG3K and FLUDD the Mario brothers prepared themselves for the ghostly confrontation; the final chapter of this tale.

"Mario," Luigi eyed his companion while jumping over mud puddles," ..thanks."

"Hey no problem Weege! Besides it wouldn't suit our name not rescuing a damsel in distress. What would Peach say?"


"We've kicked Bowser's butt a million times!"

"Yeah, only this time, it'll be a ghost who'd wish he'd never come back for more!"

The wind began to pick up. The grass waved, the trees shoke, the moon grinned, and the mischievous laughter of Boos could be heard in the distance.



Oh Gosh! Now I'm in for it!!!!! Not good not good!!!! I'm under peer pressure now!!! Umm please don't come hunting after meeeeeeee!!!!! Oh bummer! I'm gonna find myself in pieces the next time I wake up. Yes, your gonna kill me because of what I have in store for the next chapter, (if there's anything to begin with) isn't going to be "pretty"..... -_-


Luigi's Mansion; Tale of the Haunted Residence
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