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Song: Mario64--Bowser's Shadow World 



Chapter 10: Irony of Youth

The Mario Brothers madly sprinted through the eerie woods behind the mansion. Their running footsteps weren't the only ones stomping across the ground. It seems they have
picked up some unwanted company.....

"Luigi! I told you that you should've have touched that!" Mario threw an annoyed look on his brother.

"Sor-RY! Well, next time YOU choose the pathway and let's see what happens!"

Upon rushing through thick bushes and tangling vines, "WHOA!?" Mario stopped himself at the edge of a steep ravine that dug endlessly into the earth. He let out a sigh of relief, until Luigi didn't see him and his momentum pushed him of the ledge.

"WUUAAHHH!" Luigi quickly grabbed Mario by the hand and pulled him up. "It'll help a lot if you could look where you're going." An explosive spike-ball blew up just inches from where they were standing. The two realized the cranky residence of the mansion were heavily armed. King Boo probably didn't tolerate interference.

Seeing the only escape on a narrow pathway that was located on the side of the ravine, Luigi and Mario made a run for it. As they proceeded further and further down the rocky slope, it became narrower and narrower until the two had to press themselves against the wall.

"Did we just HAD to take this route, Mario?!" a pebble slid off and Luigi gulped.

"We didn't have any other choice. Now come on!"
Their feet were carefully sliding on that little bit of earth as small rocks were already falling into the depth of the canyon. Their followers were leering upon them and their floating abilities gave them the upper advantage over the vulnerable duo, who could only adhere to the wall with barely any space to defend with.

"Weege! LOOK OUT!" Something boomed in their ears that sounded like a bom-omb colliding into wall. The dust and rocks that kicked off the cliff blinded their eyes and threw off their concentration. This caused Luigi to lose his balance off the slope

"MARIO!" his younger sibling shouted. With spears and arrows zishing and shooting above their heads and to their sides, Mario was hindered from helping his brother. Mario made a daring decision and jumped off the slope and into the ravine
falling after his only brother. The wind slapped against them and the moonlight began withdrawing itself as they fell into the darker depths.


"WEEGE! GRAB MY LEGS!" Once they were in the same elevation, Luigi quickly held onto his legs, though what for? Mario bet everything on what was going to happen next. He pushed a switch on his FLUDD and it immediately shot two streams of water downwards causing them to "hover" for a short amount of time.

"Mario!!!" Luigi was panicking. Both knew it wasn't going to last for much longer and eventually FLUDD would give in and let them fall into the canyon. The supernatural fiercely released bombs, spears and arrows onto the two plumbers. An arrow whizzed by Luigi's stomach. Mario caught a low outcry of pain until his arm was also pierced by a ghostly archer. With Mario having little control over the device the FLUDD stumbled and they erratically flew in the air.

"WAHHHHHHHHH!!" Both yelled as the water that shot out of FLUDD's nozzle grew thin. When they made a sharp turn to the left they crashed against the other side of the ravine.

Luigi pulled out the arrows, both slightly wincing. "Mario, are you ok?" Luckily the arrows had only scraped them. They were standing in a light-lacking cave with silent flames flickering by their movement.

"An altar?" At the center, the royal leader of the Boo gang floated dazzled by the beauty of mansion's princess. Serenity was at the verge of becoming another painting of King Boo. When her vision met the two, the king knew of the arrival of the heroes of the Mushroom Kingdom.

"You again!" He acidly threw his threatening eyes at them. "You two have plagues me for the last time!!! You're as pesky as a flea carrying the Black Death!"

"Glad to be a nuisance."

"No matter, your spread of heroic deeds will end here!!!" The flames turned a shade of a pale blue matching the freezing eyes of the king.

"Mario, Luigi, you must aim for his in-" Serenity transformed into a picture before finishing her warning. Mario and Luigi aimed the FLUDD and PG3K at their adversary. He laughed, mocking them,

"I don't care if you had thousands of those ridiculous machineries," A flash blinded everything, when it disappeared the atmosphere became as hot as an oven. They found themselves standing in a large area surrounded by razing flames of fire. Their final battle was going to occur atop the mansion. Out of the shadows behind the small towers and rocks, emerged the gigantic figure of a reptilian turtle.

"BOWSER!?" The two shouted in union.

" I'LL FRY YOU DOWN TO ASHES!!" He released a blast of fire, razing every unfortunate thing it came across. "I will personally dispose of you FOREVER!" His raging footsteps shuck the ground like an earthquake in San Francisco. Each plumber hid themselves behind a small pile of stones, for it seems like the only temporally safe spot.

"Mario! This can't be him!" Luigi pressed himself against behind a small tower, staying out of their enemy's sight.

"WHERE ARE YOU!!!!" the reptilian turtle hollered.

"I know that! We've defeated Bowser numerous times, but we have never really killed him."

"So, it's not his ghosts?" Fire blew in between their hiding spots.

"'Course not! King Boo must be chickening out."

Bowser's thunderous roar boomed, "COME OUT!!! I"LL RAZE YOU UNTIL NOTHING"S LEFT OF YOU!!!!!"

"He sure knows how to use Bowser's form though."

Seeing no response he thought of another idea, "IF YOU WON'T SHOW YOURSELVES THEN I'LL DRIVE YOU OUT INTO THE OPEN!" For a moment of silence it felt like that the roof become much more crowded.


"What?" a group of hounds, boos, skeletons, zombies neared them. King Boo has called for reinforcement. He grinned for successfully luring out the plumbers. They somehow were able to keep a good distance of the cranky hounds. Three enemies jumped at the Mario, but they immediately flew off after a swallowing the high pressured water of FLUDD. Their bones dispersed, leaving a messy bone grave on the ground. This
caused Luigi's brain to click.

"Hey Mario, do you have it?!"

"What?" Out of his side pockets appeared what seems to be, "This?" ...a can of tomato sauce??? "You know I always keep a spare back-up of spaghetti sauce."

"Good, can you give it to me?"

"Wah?!?" Taken in by his odd comment, he became off guard so that a zombies had grabbed him by the shoulder about to take a taste of his delicious skin. "Let go!!" He quickly pushed it off him. "Weege! I'm as hungry as you but we've got more importuner things to bother about than pasta!!"

"Who said I was going to make pasta? " The next skeleton making a jump for him would suit its next job for a can opener. He grabbed the skull and forced its edgy jaw against the lit.

"What are you doing?" Mario keep herself guarded while trying to understand Luigi's odd change in action.

"Just making dinner for our enemies." He simply smiled.

"Oh, I see." Mario grinned. He covered Luigi, keeping their ferocious guests away, while Luigi was busy preparing their "dinner". There were small holes on one side of the can while it was open on the other. Luigi reversed the PG3K which was channeled to it causing the sauce to splatter out of the container. It was raining tomato sauce. The skeletons, zombies and the remaining bones were covered with Italian sauce. As soon as
the pasta dripped down the dogs' eyes, they enlightened with so much joy, for the HUGE feast that lay before. They made a mad run for the crying skeletons dipped with red. The zombies discrete, breaking apart on the violent impact.

"So, those dogs were after you when they saw blood. Tomato sauce makes a perfect resemblance. Bones are just their all time favorite thing to nibble on!"

"I WILL NOT BE DEAFEATED BY A BUNCH OF CURPULENT PLUMBERS!!!!" King Boo who used Boswer's "body " as his own, whizzed his fist by them, they barely dodged, kissing the ground.

Regardless of water, ice, fire, or wind, Luigi's Poltergust 3000 dispensed, Mario's FLUDD had no effect on King Boo either "YOU THINK THAT MEEKLY SPRINKLE OF WATER, AND THAT BREEZE OF DUST COULD HARM ME?!"
They aimed for everything they could think of. The nose, head, feet, tail, body, eyes, nothing seemed to work. Kind Boo whipped his tail against the duo causing chunks of rocks of a nearby wall tumbling down.

*Beep-Beep-Beep [E.Gadd]*

"You two okay?" An image of the professor flickered on the Gameboy Horror screen. The two quickly found shelter under a crumbling roof.

"E_Gadd! Isn't there a way to stop that freak?!" Luigi pointed the GBH at the advancing Bowser."

"AH! What a hideous thing!!" The beast's fists crashed into the walls, "It that King Boo?!"

"It's him under Bowser's shell." Mario heavily breathed.

"You mean to say that King Boo's hiding under another person? Did you try blowing off his head?"

"Done that, it didn't work." E.Gadd was lost. He didn't know how to give any advice to aid them.

"Um....has Serenity said anything?"

"All she noted us on was to aim at something. I couldn't catch the rest of it." Bowser destroyed the last tower, with it, their last hiding spot on the mansion's roof. Mario and Luigi slowly stepped backwards as the ghostly face of the royal Boo leered upon them, his fiery breath steaming from his mouth.


"King Boo is invincible as long as he's wearing Bowser's form," Madame Clairvoya's voice sounded from the GBH, "you must somehow damage him and not the
outside shell."

* King Boo's as worst as Bowser himself! If he won't be stopped, he'll most likely conquer every kingdom, thinkable; Peach, Toad, Yoshi, Daisy, everyone, even those buffoons Wario and Waluigi will be down to his knees and under his rule!*

Mario quickly glanced upon his FLUDD, at Luigi's PG3K then his brother who also met his vision. "Luigi, you're thinking what I am thinking?" He nodded. Bowser's roar grew louder, exasperated.


"You know what will become of us if we do this." Mario's serious expression was well understood and Luigi agreed on executing what might be the last of the Mario

"Wha- what are you up to?" The professor's voice stuttered with fear of what was going to happen. Did they have plan on stopping King Boo for sure?

"E.Gadd! Tell Princess Peach that I'm sorry. That we're sorry." The older plumber in red held his Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device in combat position.


"Tell them that there wasn't any other way." The younger plumber in green firmly clutched his Poltergust 3000.

"W-what are you two saying?!" E.Gadd was bemused by their response. Were those....farewell messages? What were they up to? "!!. You're not going to-"

"Ready Weege?"

"Whenever you are..."

A/N: typewriter is broken, so I can't continue.....*A tomato hits Koji's face, followed by tons of other fruits and vegetables* OK! Ok! I don't have a typewriter to begin with!! *sweatdrop* Hehehehehhehe......I don't know what I doing now. Am I messing around or what? What would you do to me if I refuse to write the rest? *gulp* 

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