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Finding Nemo;
I See Her Reflection in You
Finding Nemo is copyrighted to Disney/Pixar
This fanfic is written by Koji (aka Tina)

Song: Zelda 4--There's Still Hope

Declaimer:  See chapter 1

Author's Note: I know it’s very “un-Disney” or “un-Pixar”-ish, but, stick with me okies? I’m having fun writing this! Now allow me to lead you on. ~_^



Chapter 2:  YOU MURDER!!!


“WHAT IN TRITON”S NAME IS WRONG WITH YOU?!!” Gill forcefully shoved Marlin’s face against the ocean floor. The clownfish struggled against the Moorish Idol. He kicked his tail fiercely, but Gill held him firmly down. The tank gang watched in horror as their leader and Marlin were tackling and hollering each other at the same time.

“Gill? I think you’re overdoing it,” said Peach the starfish, while the rest of the tank gang tried to break up the fight.

“Yeah, Gill, it’s ok—“

“It’s NOT ok!!!” Gill retorted. “How is anything ok when Sharkbait-- “

“HIS NAME IS NEMO!” Marlin interrupted. Gill suddenly slammed Marlin against a rock and held his left fin against the clownfish’s chin. For a second, everything froze. Gurgle was biting his fins, Bloat was constantly in-and-exhaling his spiky body, Deb covered Flo’s face, and Bubbles….he just floated there, somehow regretting that he told Gill.

‘How can this be happening? As soon as we heard the news about what Marlin did, and then about Nemo—Gill, he--he simply lost it!’ Bubbles pressed his fins against his head.

Nobody dared to intervene. Even a group of fish had circled around them like this spectacle was some kind of a school fight. Marlin had their leader’s full attention. Gill couldn’t believe how he was acting now, but he refused to sit back and allow Marlin to behave like an insensitive father as he is now.

Both where breathing hard and Gill felt somewhat annoyed, even disgusted by Marlin’s face. He read his expression as amusement. Marlin was ……amused? Amused of what!? Anger was rising in him. Gill rammed his body against Marlin’s. ‘Is Marlin actually enjoying this? Enjoying how he hurt Nemo and Dory’s feelings?!’ He raised his bad fin, about to hit him. ‘Does he actually think it’s funny how he is now being caught up with me!?’ “Why would YOU care whether his name is Nemo or Sharkbait?!” The Moorish Idol yelled.

Marlin didn’t answer. He intensively kept his eyes on Gill, a look of indifference in his face. Gill had to say something, something that would….hurt him. “Oh! Because he’s your son?! Is that what you were going to say?!“ he reasoned cynically. “The son, whom YOU kicked out of your home?!” Gill added sarcastically.

Still, to Gill his verbal attack didn’t change Marlin’s insensitive expression. But to Peach, she could’ve sworn to have seen a sudden jump of hurt in Marlin’s face. “I don’t have the slightest idea what has gotten into you, but I would have never thought,” Gill shook his head in utter disbelief, ”you would go this far—“ Bubbled plugged his ears, he didn’t want to remember what he had witnessed from a far, and how totally helpless he was.

~*~*The night before*~*~

Dory assured Nemo that “It’ll be alright.” Marlin must’ve been in a bad mood or perhaps it just wasn’t his day. “Maybe that’s why he was acting strange.” It was already dark when Nemo was on his way to Gill, after all Dory did suggest him to stay with him until she would come back and probably say that Marlin was just joking around, and tried to make Nemo a little more independent. “Yes! That must be it! It’s just a test of courage!” he chirped.  But then again, Nemo was still too young to take care of himself. On top of that, he had a bad fin, which was crucial for his survival if he intended on escaping a predator. And with such a protective father like Marlin, would he have actually done that?

Nemo bumped into a medium sized sea plant and sneezed due to the powdery spores it released. It made Nemo feel woozy for a moment, but he continued swimming. “He’s just trying to help…he doesn’t hate me…does he?” Nemo couldn’t ignore the stinging feeling he felt when he father threw him out. He could hear his dad’s hollering voice booming in his head when he left the anemone. “He doesn’t want to see me?” Nemo asked himself.

Bubbles, the yellow tang happen to go for a walk when he noticed Nemo floating some feet above him. The small clownfish didn’t even realize he had strayed off course and was no longer heading toward Gill’s home. He was in the open water, and had just become an easy prey. “Oh no! I gotta get back down!!” he reminded himself.

”Hi Nemo!” Bubbles called out to him, but not loud enough for him to hear.

It was already too dark to see anything, but when Nemo was about to swim back down among the corals, he noticed a familiar clownfish between the rocks. “Dad?” The clownfish looked up to him and Nemo immediately recognized him, or so he thought. “Dad!” he yelled and quickly swam toward the clownfish only to be caught in something pink. Suddenly a wave of electricity shot up Nemo’s body.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” he yelled out in pain. Bubbles was startled when he noticed a group of jellyfish surrounding the little clownfish and greedily wrapped him around their poisonous tentacles. Although clownfish were immune to poisonous stings, Nemo hadn’t brushed enough against his anemone to keep this immunity. He felt numb, even having a hard time to breathe for water. 

“Nemo!” Bubbles knew how dangerous jellyfish were, but he put his fears aside and dashed toward Nemo to rescue him, only to be caught up in a strong current. “What’s this?!” Water started rushing against Bubbles, he was swimming, but he wasn’t going anywhere, in fact he was being blown away by it!

“Daddy! Help me!!” Nemo pleaded, while the jellyfish continued zapping him. Marlin just floated there, emotionlessly starring at Nemo. What was going on?! Why isn’t he doing anything?! H—HE WAS DYING HERE!!! Why won’t he help him!! WHY!? Bubbles frantically tried to escape the sudden current, but it was too strong and carried him away before he knew it.

“How… could you….?” Nemo barely muttered, a hallow tentacle wrapped around his mouth, Marlin carefully curved around the jellyfish’s tentacles when he swam up to Nemo. His body was really hurting him.  His vision turned blurry, and he could barely see the fish before him.

If the world wasn’t already collapsing on Nemo, then the next thing Marlin did would forever die in him. Marlin smirked at what was happening to his son! He gave the most creepiest smile of the entire ocean! ‘….daddy……,’ a single tear escaped Nemo’s eyes before the tentacles covered them, turning everything around him dark…..


 “To go as far as MUDERING YOUR OWN SON!!!!” Gill roared in exasperation. Those words have definitely reached Marlin’s feelings. He broke out of Gill’s grasp, horrified, while everyone plainly starred at him. Every fish the clownfish looked at stared back at him with confusion, hatred, and anger. Marlin wished he would be anywhere else but here, he turned around and swam away as fast he could. “Where do you think you’re—“Gill was about to charge after him, but Peach and the rest of the gang grabbed him.

“Gill, let it go!!” Bloat yelled.

“I CAN’T!” Gill tried to reason.

”Yes! You can!” Deb pulled on Gill’s tail.

“Marlin’s is also affected by this!” Peach spoke up.

“Yes, he’s delighted about it!” Gill flung his head, trying to break free, “HE’S A MURDER!!”

“GILL! LISTEN!” Bubbles interrupted.

“But--Nemo!” he cried out as he slowly sank down, defeated by his own despair.

”We know, Gill! W—we..…we know….,” the tang shouted in union, while the rest of the crowd departed and were now gossipingly chatting about the whole event.

“Did you see that?” one fish asked the other.

“Yeah, that was one heck of a fight!” another commented.


He didn’t know how far or for how long he was swimming. Marlin stopped. He released a heavy sigh. He felt sick, awfully sickened by everything that was happening right now. First “she” returned, then Dory left him, and now….

“When I heard about you, Nemo….” he placed one fin against his forehead, ”I just…..I just don’t know what to say….I couldn’t, ”he closed his eyes, trying to keep the waters from running out, “…you can’t be gone….,” he leaned his body against a piece of coral and quietly started crying.  ”….you can’t be gone....not like Coral ……” His mind started playing tricks on him, because now the images his deceased wife and Nemo began haunting him.

 “…I want to see you…..” Marlin stared at a small piece of blue coral. “…I really do.…..”


Are you going to ask who “you” is? Well, he’s referring to 2 or maybe 3 people. You can pretty much guess who. ^_^

Phew, this is a chapter within a chapter! Wow, I’m such a creep, am I not? Evil I tell ya! But I never kill off characters--no wait! I did that once. I mean--! I’m not going to turn this into an R rated fan fic! And for a moment I didn’t know what exactly to tell you guys, because I didn’t know how the story should go! I hope I’m not confusing people. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you what’s going on.  ^__^
Somehow this all sounds kinda stupid. It’s so,….so..(what’s the word?)..un-Finding Nemo-ish. (that didn’t sound right)

Finding Nemo; I See Her Reflection in You
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