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Finding Nemo;
I See Her Reflection in You
Finding Nemo is copyrighted to Disney/Pixar
This fanfic is written by Koji (aka Tina)

Song: Zelda 4--Key_Cavern

Declaimer:  See chapter 1

Author's Note: Oh geez…after telling Marie I didn’t write at all in the past 3 days , she…um..well ^^o Seems like she’s going to bite me!!! Lol I thought I’d switch perspectives of how the story would go. After all, it’s much better than speaking in mystery and not making any sense at all. So the first half (I mean, quarter) is seen through, but not narrated by Dory. The other is Marlin’s. If you haven’t noticed, sometimes the cast talk/think in between their own voice. ‘…..’ is thinking and “….” is talking.
Enjoy, ‘cause you won’t like it!


Chapter 4:  I Won't Fall to You......Again.



‘………!!’ Random words were shooting through Dory’s mind at the moment of her coming death. In the blink of an eye, a great barracuda hungrily darted for her whole body, snapping its mouth that was just dying out of eager to devour her in one bite.

“DORY!!!!!!!” a voice shouted. Something then hit her, shoving her to the side and away from the predator, before she was quickly grabbed and engulfed in something soft, and elastic that burned like little stinging needles.

All of the sudden, her body felt numb. ‘……it hurts..’ Whatever it was that was holding her firmly, it wasn’t going to let her go. Poison was eating through her skin, followed by the swirling dizziness that shrouded her mind.

“AH!!” At the same time, she could hear a fretting outcry from someone close by. “Dory!” She couldn’t see anything anymore. It was pitch black, while that stinging feeling of pain wouldn’t leave her. Was she dead? Had she been eaten? No, she was still breathing…at least she think she was.

“Dory! Dory!” All her senses had failed, except her hearing. Dory could hear an anxious voice call her. “Get a hold of yourself! DORY!”


When Dory was pushed aside from the advancing barracuda, his body moved on its own, acting on its natural instinct. Dory was out of the danger from being eaten, however, “Oh no….!!” Marlin had not foreseen he had shoved his dear friend into a poisonous anemone below him.

It took some time for Marlin to realize what was happening, that is, until the jaws of the vicious barracuda snapped for him. He barely evaded those razor sharp teeth! Dodging it by just a downward swim! The predator dashed passed him, but turned around in an instant. There was no time to react! Marlin was going to be eaten, if he wasn’t going to—

“DORY!!!” he shouted once more.  The barracuda darted for him again with such speed, that Marlin thought he going the speed of a sea-slug! As fast as his little fins would permit, Marlin swam down toward the anemone. He was flung forward and into the poisonous plant when he dodged the predator’s mouth.

Marlin’s clownfish body allowed him to remain in the anemone. The plant-like animal did not sting him. He wasn’t going to be affected by its poison. He was safe, but what about—

“Dory! Dory, where are you?!” he was nervously whipping around, when he spotted something blue in between the anemone’s tentacles. “DORY!” He hurriedly yanked her out of the poisonous grasp and placed her in the center of the anemone. “A-are you alright?! Are you okay?” What kind of question was that?! ‘Of course, she wasn’t okay, you moron!’  Marlin protectively kept Dory away from those hungry tentacles. “Dory!” he turned her around, tapping her face, “Say something! A word—a whisper—just—something!! ANYTHING!!” He wanted to see, hear, whale-sound—HECK! Any sign that would indicate she was still alive!

She was silent. It felt creepy. Marlin could barely even think! ‘Think Marlin! THINK!!’ The barracuda ominously floated above the anemone. “Look, look, look! Where does P Sherman live?”

Dory moaned, and somehow started mumbling, ”P…Sherman…..Wallaby….Syd—“

“Yes! Yes!” Dory was alive! “That’s it!!” She was still breathing! She’s— suddenly the jaws of the barracuda pierced through the tentacles! ‘WHAT’S THIS?!!’ Weren’t predators SUPPOSED to stay away anemones?! Didn’t the tentacles sting it!? Luckily it did, because the fish quickly yanked its face out of the burning anemone, whipping about itself in pain.

 ‘Thank goodness!’ He released a heavy sign of relief, but—‘We can’t stay here any longer!’ the poison was slowly shriveling Dory’s body. Marlin tried his best not to panic, how could he not? They were safe from the barracuda—yes, that was the positive aspect, but Dory wasn’t safe against the tentacles of the anemone!

 Marlin greeted his teeth out of fear and frustration. “DANG IT!!” He was in a total jam, right about now. The choice was either to have both of them being eaten by that violent fish, or letting his last friend being stung to death.....

“What am I going to do?!” He glanced down at Dory, at the verge of despair, while he firmly held her in his fins on the anemone floor. Minutes went by, even seconds of utter silence seemed like Death was leering on them.

Marlin looked up above him, (‘Are you going to let her die?’) someone mentally asked. He stared into the open ocean where that deadly fish was still waiting on them to come out of that blasted anemone. (‘Are you letting her die?’)

‘…no…..’ Out of nowhere, the death of Coral played in his mind, ‘…no….’

(‘MARLIN!!!!’) the voice of his deceased wife yelled.

“CORAL?!?!” he gasped wide-eyed.

“Mar-,” he noticed Dory barely mumbling, “-lin….” Was she trying not to forget him? Was he trying not to forget Coral? It felt awkward, so strange when Marlin carefully watched Dory.

 ‘I see her reflection… ‘those words simply floated out of his mouth, ’her reflection…,’ he carefully brushed her face with his fin. ‘I see Coral’s reflection…’ “No…..I won’t.” he let go of Dory, “I WON’T let Dory die!!” and with that, he awaited for that barracuda, that same species who killed Coral, to swim far enough from the anemone.

Marlin poked his head out of the anemone, observing, and scrutinizing the environment. “There’s got to be some other—A-HA!” there was a narrow tunnel not too far away from them. The clownfish timed his actions and swiftly rushed out into the open, with the blue tang firmly clutched in his fins. It didn’t take much for the barracuda to notice, because the snapping sounds of its impatient jaws were heard right behind him!

Somehow, probably through sheer luck, Marlin managed to evade the predator’s teeth. Zig-zacking left and right in heated chase, “If I can—,“ while the barracuda was surely growing annoyed with its delayed dinner. “No! I WILL make it into that tunnel!!!!” The predator suddenly thrust forward, snapping with greed. The tunnel was right there! Right in front of him! He was going to make it! He and Dory were going to be safe!! ……correction, they WOULD have been safe. The barracuda was positioned in front of the tunnel!

“DANG!” Marlin jolted. Obviously, this predator was a smart one, a smart one alright! “Is it me or—“ or was this beast really THAT desperate on eating them?  It went after them like there was no tomorrow! It waited for them to leave the anemone, it even ATTACK the anemone just to get them?! ‘What’s wrong with this fish!!’ he shuffled backward.

The barracuda leered on them, especially on Marlin. This time, it was going to taste the flesh of fish….

*LOL, should I stop here? ^_~ AWE! But I’m tired! I woke up at 6AM due to a restless night of itching sleep. Yeah, I got a bug bite and it’s itching like CRAZY!!!*


Ok, this is enough. This was going to be longer, but since Marie is pretty much—well, how to put this? The waiting was “absolutely killing me!” like she phrased. ^^o I thought I better post this now, before she would came after me and rip my head off! Besides, I didn’t want to make you all wait.  ~_^ Now, I don’t know if the next should be chapter 5 or chapter 4.5?

I also wanna thank Lauren, Zimmy, Justin and rest of the board members for reading my fanfic. *sniff* it makes me so happy *starts crying* lol j/k  ^-^


Finding Nemo; I See Her Reflection in You
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