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What is it that I am Missing?

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Declaimer: I don’t own Threads of Fate, its setting, characters, and so forth. Squaresoft
does. This is just a little fan fiction I wrote to improve my writing skills.

Author’s Note: Couple weeks ago, I posted a message saying that I might put up a story.
Thanks to Misty 2, Streetor, and all of you nice people who wrote a TOF story. It
influenced me, so I decided to write my first, and I really mean, first fan fiction I ever
really worked on. I actually kinda find Prima Doll a little annoying in the game. I am
more for Rue/Mint stories, but nobody wrote about Prima. So I guess I went and did one.
This fiction is about Prima Doll’s thoughts and observation of the happenings around
him. (I am a beginner!) Please review and go easy on me.


The night sky shoved over the town, it was cold and quiet.

Klaus was in the basement continuing his research on the [relic] while Rue and Mint
were out of town, investigating the causes of the Doll attacks on Corona. It was already
pass midnight, and Elena, along with others went to have their rest. Though there was
one figure, other than Klaus who was still awake...

Prima Doll was staring out the window with a sense of danger rising within him. He had
been thinking about the day the cube was opened, where he then saw the sunlight of the
outside world for the first time...
“From the day I was made, I was destined to live my existence for only one purposeful break the seal of the ancient ruins of the lake side. The resting fortress
that would arise from its sleep, and partly resurrect my creator, if I break this forbidden
seal.” He frowned while he constantly looked deeper into the night.

Prima Doll’s eyes narrowed as he went on with the thoughts. ”None of them considered
or even knew about the powerful Aeon by the name of Valen. The [relic] was all and the
only thing in their minds. Just to hold the one artifact in their hands that was capable to
grant these adventures any wish they desired. Shall it be money, power, or ambition. The
Dew Prism will fulfill them anything.“

He felt heavy and lowered his head with eyes closed. “And I..... was among the path
between them and the [relic]. I was made to break the seal to Dew Prism. Little did they
know, that destroying this spell would unleash Valen to his chance of being resurrected.
Once my duty is done, I am nothing more.....than a mere doll,....... a doll that was used for
only one reason........” His sobbing was too quiet to be picked up by Elena. Prima Doll
wiped his tears to the side. Then, he turned his head toward Elena, who was peacefully

“Rue, maybe you and I are the same, though maybe we’re not. When you and this
selfish red-headed princess, summoned me from my cube, I met people like Elena, Klaus,
Mira, Belle, Duke,  you and Mint. I saw something, you all have. Something that I didn’t

His sadness turned into anger. ” What was this something? What is it that I am
missing? Is it personality? It is appearance?! ” He yelled through his mind slowly feeling
a headache.

But then, he realized. “No. It is something you; Rue, Mint, Klaus and all of you have.
....It’s a dream...It’s a desire. It’s determination to your goals. A dream a person wish to
carry out, no matter what. For me to break the spell isn’t a dream of mine, it’s a duty I
deny to do as my only reason to live for...”    

Suddenly an explosion killed the silence and the ground began to shake violently. It woke
up everybody in the town. “Ah!!! W-wh-wha-what is going on here?!“ screamed Elena as
she rolled off her bed, and onto the ground. Prima Doll ran towards Elena to help her up.
“This is not usual for earthquakes to erupt this rapidly!” Then the sense, which he felt
earlier before, was even greater.

“Damn you Maya! You are a chicken! You’re a CHICKEN, you hear me?!” the voice
echoed in the distance which came from no other, than Mint.

“It’s Mint!” cheered Elena. Prima Doll smiled, but at the corner of his eye, he noticed the
danger approaching closer.

A flash of light blue appeared in the sky leaving the shape of a dark figure behind. He
was right, the feeling came from him. His eyes widened after realizing the shadows’ true
identity. “Doll Master” he uttered. Another person who seeks for the [relic] for evil
intentions, another one who will use him as the key.


“...THAT YOU JUST SHUT UP! “ abruptly cutting into his sentence. Elena, Prima Doll
and Doll Master’s attention faced the source of the yell.

Doll Master just looked at her. “My, my. If it isn’t EX-princess Mint.” emphasizing EX
to turn her loose in anger.  “I don’t have time for games with you. Psycho Master! “
Another flash of sky blue emerged revealing Psycho Master. He bowed and with Mint
who reluctantly fought back, disappeared into the dark.  

Resuming to his announcement, Doll Master proceed his thread  ”AS I SAID. HAND

“Mint is gone, what should we do now? Prima, I’m scared.” Elena looked at him for
answers. He was frightened and lost as well.  

 “I...don’t know....”

The next thing Elena yelled out, caught his attention. “Ah! Why is Papa going outside?!
It’s dangerous!” “Papa? She means Klaus! He’s going outside?! Has he lost his mind?
Doll Master is there!!” Prima Doll was in fear by the thought of what might happened to
Klaus outside with the enemy.

The Professor struggled with his twisted ankle to stand up. “ I am not giving up Prima
Doll to the likes of you! You can tell your princess Maya, that we are not obeying
disregarding for what ever reason you may have. In your eyes, Prima is just a tool. But to
us, he’s a member of my family!.”

Doll Master was amused, yet surprised by Klaus’ action.  “ Is that all? You came out just
to tell me this junk? Foolish, yet amusing in a way.” He was about to attack him as the
first sacrifice of Corona. But then hold his hands, when his key to the [relic] stood in
front of him.     

“Prima!?”  It was as if Prima Doll couldn’t hear him. “Klaus, why are you doing this?
You are not protecting me because I am the pass your dream. Why? Isn’t your dream to
study the [relic]? Wouldn’t you do anything for it? “

Klaus stared at him. He walked to his side and kneeled down to eye level with a calm
face. “I am protecting you not because of the [relic]. I am protecting you because you’re
a person, Prima. You are like a son I wish to have that a [relic] cannot give. And as a
parent, it is my responsibility  to protect you and your sister Elena from threads like

Tears formed and rolled down Prima Dolls’ cheek. He took a few steps away from Klaus
with his back facing him, trying to conceive his frustration killing his happiness as his
*new* son.  “Doll Master isn’t bluffing. Mint disappeared and Rue is gone. There is no
one here who can match up with them. If I don’t surrender, you, Elena, Mira and
everybody else......will die.”

He turned his head to Klaus with sadness on his face. ” I’d rather give myself up than let
him play with your lives like he already does with mine....” Prima walked straight toward
his nemesis. “ The [relic] isn’t everything after all. Klaus made me realize this. Mint and
Rue will come for me, even if I am just a tool. I am not a doll to break a seal. I choose
my own decision. And I choose this destiny, because they love me the way I am, and not
for what I ought to do.”

With the these last thoughts, Prima Doll and Doll Master vanished into the night.
Dead silence fell upon Corona once again, after losing a member of it’s residence......

So, what do you think?  Please review. I need to know what you think. I am sure there are
other TOF writers out there, who can write a better story.

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