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Old Updates and Interactive Stuff

As for now, there won't be a lot of interactive stuff..
Wanted Poster! # 1
Luigi ran off!  But I can hear him humming somewhere on this site. (Never Mind, I taped his mouth and I don't think he'll be able to take it off ~_') Help me find him! If you do, I'll give you a cookie...I'll see.  Here's a tip: He seems to hide the dark, especially under a picture in his mansion. 
Wanted Poster! # 2
Koji: Hey wanna know what Luigi did the other day?
Luigi: Don't you dare!
Koji: What? Is it too embarrasing?
Luigi: YEAH!!!!
Koji:  *snickers, can't stop laughting!!!* There's a picture of 'him" hidden somewhere on the site.Go look for it!
Luigi: Nooooooooooooooooooo!!! I beg yo

Interactive Poster! #3

Nero: Look what she found the other day! 
Koji: NERO! I told you not to share my junky pictures!
Nero: Well, you better be quick or I'll-
Nero: The haunt for the third link is on! (Hint: look up right now on this title)

Updates (7/26/03)
Uploaded chapter 3 of
Finding Nemo; I See Her Relection in You
FN Fanart
Updates (7/22/03)
I uploaded two fanfictions.
Finding Nemo; I See Her Relection in You
Yu-Gi-Oh!; Innocence is Bliss
Updates (7/14/03)
Um....yeah well. I'm currently in a Finding Nemo mood. Don't worry, I'll always remain a Nintendo fan ^_~ Added 3 new fanarts.
Finding Nemo
Nintendo (Super Mario)
Finding Nemo 4-Koma page 1 up!
Threads of Fate Doujinshi  (10 % done)
Finding Nemo Doujinshi ( 5 % done)

Updates (7/6/03)
Wow.....I'm really slow. eh? ''n way, I got 9 new fanarts.
Threads of Fate
Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne

Shaman King

Threads of Fate Doujinshi  (10 % done)

Updates (6/25/03)

*Sigh* It's summer and I am as lazy as ever! Dame-dame....I have planned out some stuf, but learning flash or making anime music videos is even harder. Here's a break down of the things "hopefully" to come.
Threads of Fate Doujinshi  (10 % done)
Threads of Fate art (90% done)

Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne art (80% done)

Shaman King art (30 % done)

Updates (5/24/03)
Ok, I kind of rushed, but I drew 3 more pages for the Zelda 4-Koma.
Wind Waker 4-koma (Pages 3-5 are up!) The Illustration Gallery has been rearranged,
Wind Waker comic???
Tenchu art???
Threads of Fate revival?

Updates (5/9/03)

Finally! I got off my bee-hind and finished 2 pages of the Zelda:Wind Waker Koma. Hope ya like them!
Wind Waker 4-koma (are up!)
Wind Waker comic???
Tenchu art???

Updates (5/3/03)

What a ruckus! Here ya go! You earned the wait. Sorry about this!  
Wind Waker fan arts (UP!)
Yu-Gi-Oh!, Yu Yu Hakusho, Kingdom Hearts fan arts (UP!)
Updates (4/21/03)
Tomorrow's my birthday!! Like anyone cares....nothing going on anyway so,
 here's the latest news:
Wind Waker comic (planning)
Wind Waker 4-koma (45% done)
Wind Waker fanarts (85% done)
Other fanarts (95% done)
Removed the Theater Cosplay
3rd Interactive poster (done)
Updates (4/14/03)
My scanner uis up and going! Ok, now if I can get my guts together, I might post a Wind Waker comic
Updates (10/7/02)
 Updates (9/22/02)
* Nothing here in particular, but I opened the Super Mario Sunshine Fanatic Quest! Have fun!
*I made a banner for the site!
*"Little Mystery Ghost" snug in, if you wanna know more go there.
*I started on my profile page
*2 new fanfic arts (at mine and for other authors.)
 8/3/02-- Someone didn't clean up. Now I got mud all over the floor..could you call that art? Maybe it was Luigi!
 8/2/02--Wow, I got pretty far. The fanfic pics are up and...OH SHOOT I woke up BOGMIRE!
 8/1/02-- Pretty much you see everything here. Posted up the crumbs...I mean pictures!
Begining of June-- I forgot the date. Anyway, That is when I made this site

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