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Song: Twinbee--Let's Go!

There's only one Koji website now! Welcome to the New site!

Hiya people!


Koji here, and I welcome you spanking-new web site! I've combined this with my illustartion gallery (formaly my central site)


Here, you will find attractions all based on RPG's and Nintendo characters. Like the comics, fanarts, theatrical cosplay show, fanfic arts and the fan fictions itselves.  


I wanna thank N64 Chick and Rgw64, he motivated me ^^. She influenced me to make this site more worthwhile and other fun stuff. Don't forget to check her site and his site out!


Go get a look around!

Ah..nothing than a sip of coffee...
Look! Mario's already taking his break!

Updates (1/1/03) Happy New Year everyone!

Wanted Poster! # 2
Koji: Hey wanna know what Luigi did the other day?
Luigi: Don't you dare!
Koji: What? Is it too embarrasing?
Luigi: YEAH!!!!
Koji:  *snickers, can't stop laughting!!!* There's a picture of 'him" hidden somewhere on the site.Go look for it!
Luigi: Nooooooooooooooooooo!!! I beg you!!

You type and I'll deliever it!

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