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Koji's Illustration Gallery

Hiya! Koji here, and I welcome you to my website! Here you can find my

*Doujinshi (Comics)


*Fanfic Arts
*Fan Fictions

Go get a look around!

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The site is undergoing MAJOR construction!!

I''ve been working on this update for awhile now since beginning of November and when I'm back, I hope the site won't be much of a bummer.  ^_~

You type and I'll deliver it! E-mail Koji  or (remove "KOJI" from address! )

This web site has no affiliation or partnership with any official association. All contents displayed on this web site are just merely fan contributions and/or belong to their respective owners/creators. The fanarts and doodles are drawn/design by me, Koji (otherwised noted) If you would like to use something, all I ask is that you give credit. ^_^