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Flash Movies
The movies here are NOT mine! I just linked them to their owner's. 
Serve around  Newgrounds AT YOUR OWN RISK. I am not responsible for the contents of newgrounds. Aside from that, newgrounds also has great movies. 
I don't want to ruin your taste. Please be responsible. ^_^

Am I going to hits a bee hive?

By Buddudandslash / Site  From Newgrounds!
(This person does NOT hate Luigi! In fact, Luigi's his/hers favorite!)
*Luigi's Bad Luck--And this is how it begins...... 
*Luigi's Bad Luck II--The day will never end...
*Luigi's Bad Luck IV--You choose his fate in this game...
*Talimon--Look who's fighting! (Don't mind the style. Just watch it!)

Kweh! Sing along!

By Legendary Frog  From Newgrounds!
Final Fantasy Tribute--If you know the FF series. YOU MUST SEE THIS MOVIE!

By Channel Cat / Site From Newgrounds
DBZ in a Nutshell--The series summed up in two mintues. (Be patient, it'll be worth it!)


By Unknown (I can't read Korean ^^o / Site
*Primp Episode 3--A nice day for a picnic.....really? (2nd picture)
*Primp Episode 4--I wanna fly like that hero on TV!  (1st picture)

Ready to rumble?!

* Super Smash X--Sonic and Mario settle it once and for all in this fierce movie!
* Super Smash X 2--Two popular chracters are forced into a deathmatch.
* Super Smash X Gaiden--This takes place between 1 and 2. It's revenge time!

*Xiao Xiao No.3--Infiltrating the headquarters!
*Xiao Xiao No.4--You better be quick, or you'll be shot down!
*Xiao Xiao No.5--Two fighters fight and the aftermath ain't even the end yet!
*Xiao Xiao No.7--Our hero sneaks into the terrorists base
*Xiao Xiao No.8--Part two
*Xiao Xiao City Plaza--Advertisement?

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