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You've Got
Ghostly Company!

Koji: Eh?.....You want to know more about that mystery ghost? Are you sure?
???: You might've met me already somewhere.
Koji: It wouldn't surprise me if you know. And NO, this is not some Pokemon or Scooby Doo related stuff! I think... ^^o
???: Who are they?


Koji: Ever since I created Nero-chan,
he starts plaguing me and even follows me up to here!
Nero: Wasn't I made to keep company? I'm having fun. ^_____^
Koji: Yeah, but....  ' ~ ^
Nero: Let's just get this going, can we? We don't wanna bore the viewers. 

Name: Nero (or Nero-chan)
Age: ??? (I'm a dead spirit!)
Weight: I'm made out of freakin' gas, Koji!
Hair: Could you count the feathers as hair?
Type: Green-ish, fire Ghost
Personality: Friendly, but also mischievous and a rascal.  (Hey! I can't help it! ^._.~)
Jobs: Guide visiters through Koji's illustration gallery and this Coffee Site.
Favorite Past Time: Bothering Koji and cosplay dress ups!

(Who--what is this ...thing?)
Nero: Hey! Don't call me a THING! I'm a ghost for soul's sake!
Koji: Ghost.....or pudding. ^^ Nero-chan's my slave, (!!) I mean!- my original ghostly  mascot .*sweatdrop*  I personaly-
Nero: You're soo old coffee, Koji....
Koji: .......fine, let's talk about you then!
(Nero's Birth)
Koji: I played way too much of a certain ghost hunting game (hini hint--Luigi)  And when I scribbled some ghosts, I suddenly had the urge to draw a goof-ball ghost. Green-nish and-
Nero: With some flashy firing feathers!!
Koji:.....yeah..I just hope he's not gonna burn me up for drinking his fruit-shake..
Nero: You--WHAT!!!!
Koji: *gulp*  
Nero: COME BACK HERE!!    Koji: RAAHHHH!!!!

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