You found him!

Song: Luigi's Mansion--Area Cleared

Koji: "AHA!! So this is where you've been hiding!"
Luigi: "!!?"
Koji: " That's right. Back to work with you! Oh and thanks for your help.
Here's the reward. A Luigi's Mansion poster I assembled. (sounds familiar doesn't it N64 Chick? ^^o (I'm sorry I couldn't stop myself from doing these treasure hunts. Her inspiration!)

Luigi's Mansion Collage

Luigi: "You don't give me anything to do!"
Koji: "You better find something or I'll post another wanted poster if you run off again."
Luigi: "*sigh*"
Koji: "I'll give you a bike"
Luigi: " Cool! ^-^"
Koji: "At least he isn't mad at me or you." ^v'

Watch me goooooooo!~~~~~~

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