Hurry up! This way!

Song: Luigi's Mansion--Area Cleared

Koji: Good job you found the site!! *takes out a photo* Now-
Luigi: Noooooooo!!!
Koji: *shows pic*

Luigi's cross-dressing!!!

Luigi: ..........
Koji: pffffffffffffffffffffffffff!!!!
Luigi: Not funny....... >_<
Koji: I'm sorry. It's just so darn hilarious-
Luigi: Seeing me had to cross dress, ONCE
Koji: Mario made you do this on one of your adventures, right?
Luigi: *nods*
Mario: You said you kind of liked it!
Peach: Say what?! 0_o
Luigi: Did not!
Koji: Well what do you know. (btw this is refering to Super Mario Adventures from the Nintendo Power magezine.)

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