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The heck are YOU doing here?!

Koji: Oh no.......>_<

Koji:  "Ok, so you found your way to my junk folder.....anyway, I gotta get back to working on this site and the

Nero: "Lie.."

Koji:   "WHAT YOU SAY!?"

Nero: "I meant---HI! Welcome to Koji-kun's junk folder!" *Sweatdrop*  
Koji:  "Geez...."

Nero: "Here's what I was able to snatch away from her!" *Picks up picture*

Gotten sick of it? ^^

Koji: " I send this to Nintendo Power once."

Nero: "Another Luigi's Mansion fanart?! Isn't this getting old?"
Koji: "That's why it is junk."

Nero:  "Ah I see....*Pss* I'll hide more of Koji's art around the site. I'll tell you when. ^_~